How to Use Wojhati to Plan Your Journey

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Wojhati is a travel planning mobile app maintained by the Road Transport Authority(RTA) of Dubai government. RTA has many apps like RTA Dubai, Smart Salik, Smart taxi etc. Among them, Wojhati uses real-time map using GPS to give you information about planning your journey in different transport means. 

It uses open data system, i.e. the app can be republished by anyone like open source software. It supports Metro, Tram, bus, water bus and taxi services. 

Once you enter your current position and destination, it provides you the options with journey time and total cost. Follow the steps below to make you journey a happy one.

Use Wojhati to Plan Your Journey using Mobile App

Mobile application can be downloaded from the Play Store. Follow the steps below to find out the route to your destination. 

Step 1: Install the Wojhati app: Type the app name in the search box of Play Store and install it. Wojhati

Step 2: Launch Wojhati: Tap over the Wojhati icon in the menu, then tap over the upper left corner. 

Main menu options: Tap on the upper left corner where three parallel lines will be there. Tapping on it will show you the main menu. Wojhati

  • Happiness Meter: it gets feedback of the app from its users.
  • Departures: Using this option, you can predict nearest departure or arrival point. You can either see it as a list or in map. To open maps, tap on the three dots shown and then choosing map. More places you select from saved places.
  • Planner: This option lets you to plan your travel between two places. Fares will also be shown on the right side. You can view the map by tapping over the bus route. There your travel path will be shown in violet color. First trip and last trip in that route can be seen by tapping on upper right corner dot menu.
  • Three dot menus: This menu will be in the upper right corner. By tapping this you can start a new trip, or save the route to your calendar. You can share the route by tapping on the share option in the lower right corner.
  • Transport Updates: Tapping on this option, lets you to know delay in the bus arrival, or changes in routes etc.
  • Settings: 
  1. In this you can set the accuracy to be perfect or slightly less to compromise with the battery power.
    • You can set the opening screen to departures or
    • planner or
    • or augmented reality or
    • the last screen used
  2. Foot walk speed and maximum walk time can be changed
  3. In journey options you can set the route
    • As quickest connection
    • Fewer interchanges
    • Least walking
  4. Bus, Waterbus, Metro, Tram or Taxi, you can select your choice of vehicle for the journey
  5. Clear history option, to remove used points and trips and finally You can enable or disable map cache.
  • Augmented Reality: If you are at place, but you don’t know where the bus stop is, or any landmark, you can scan the place through Augmented Reality’s camera.
  • Social media: You can login to the Facebook or twitter account within the app itself. You can give comments and likes to the RTA Facebook page
  • About and Contact RTA (Road Transport Authority) You can know about them and contact them using this links
  • FAQ and Instructions: Frequently Asked Questions and answers will be available. Instruction menu has the guidance to use the app. 

Step 3: Select options and Favorite places:  Select ‘planning’ in the menuYou can set two places as your home and office. To edit them, tap on the main menu, then tap on the pencil symbol. 

Step 4: enter departure point and destination. For ‘departure’ you don’t need a destination. Only departing. WojhatiStep 6: Vehicle’s Data: You will be shown a list of buses and routes. You can tap on them to view in the map. In the map, you can share your route to anyone. Wojhati

Use Wojhati to Plan Your Journey using Computer

1. Open the site: Go to Official Website of Wojhati. 

2. Enter Details: Enter the departing location and destination along with departure time you can also plan a regular journey. Wojhati

3. In the advance settings, tick the appropriate boxes. Tick the box, I would rather walk to the stop option, if you want to make your journey quicker. You can choose

  • Fastest route for your journey
  • Route with few changes and
  • Routes with the lease walking between the stops.

Wojhati 4. In the journey column, you can see the bus numbers with cost of the journey and arrival and drop time of journey. Wojhati 5. In the map, your journey route will be shown. Wojhati 6. You can download details like timetable and route map. Wojhati 7. Using the print option, you can get copies of the map with the details. Wojhati  In conclusion, RTA has many apps like Salik, RTA official app. The Government of Dubai is introducing many apps to catch up the current technology.


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