How to Get on Arrival Visa for Dubai

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What is visa on arrival- To enter in any country you need a legal document that shows that you are permitted to enter in that specific country. Most of the times, we find it little hard to go to visa office daily for getting the visa. 

So the new concept is introduced that is visa on arrival for Dubai. In which, you can get the visa after landing to the country’s airport. 

UAE government stopped visa on arrival services for GCC country (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman). Now they started online E visa for GCC resident to enter in UAE. 

As per Mohammad Ahmed Al Marri (Major General) and Director-General of the GDRFA in Dubai. 

He said E visa online services will help GCC expats to not standing in queues for visa application and payment. 

As per new rule, GCC resident can apply for online e-visa and pay the visa fees from their home countries. on Arrival Visa for Dubai Still many countries can enter in UAE on "visa on arrival" means they don't need any e-visa like GCC countries. The list of countries who still take benefit of "visa on arrival" to enter in UAE.

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Brunei Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany GreeceHong Kong Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Monaco Netherlands New Zealand NorwayPoland Portugal Romania San Marino Seychelles Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States of America Vatican City

In case, the person is a citizen of 47 countries that above list you seen, you can easily get the visa at the airport while entering Dubai. 

This facility is getting quite famous in Dubai from 2015. The major benefit of this visa on arrival is it saves time as well as the headache of rushing the visa office. It saves cost also because you will get the visa on arrival at the airport. 

Document need for Visa on Arrival  You will need original passport, and hotel booking details. that's all. on Arrival Visa Dubai

On Arrival Visa for Dubai

Process -The process of this visa on arrival Dubai is not a rocket science.

Step 1: As the passenger lands at the airport there will be a specific counter for visa on arrival which is very easy to find or the checking person will let you help in finding the counter.

Step 2: Passenger should submit the required documents at the counter along with the fee AED 185.

Step 3: The documents will be verified and then your passport will be stamped for visa on arrival in Dubai.

Step 4: The validity of this visa is 30 days in UAE but Dubai has an exception in it. Dubai has a grace period of 10 more days it means the validity of visa on arrival in the Dubai is 40 days.

Points to be noted- 

• Remember that all your documents should be valid. 

• The female of a CIS region less than 30 years are not eligible for this facility. She should apply for visit visa or renew her visit visa. 

• The visa on arrival is eligible only if the return ticket is confirmed of the passenger. Don’t leave for Dubai if the ticket is not confirmed. 

• Visa on arrival is renewable just for once at the fee AED 500 visa it means you cannot renew it again and again. According to old rules this visa was not renewable but this rule has changed now. 

• Sometimes the visa fee can be changed according to the passenger’s report. 

• keep patience while being in queue of visa on arrival as sometimes it takes a little longer time because of rush during festivals or holidays.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Q   Is Dubai visa on arrival for Indian citizens?

A   Generally, Visa on arrival services not available for Indian passport holder in UAE. You have to arrange before you travel to UAE. 

Q   How much does it cost to apply for Dubai tourist visa?

A   4 days - 170 AED , 14 days - 350 AED, 30 days - 1200 AED, 90 days - 1700 AED

Q   Where to apply e-visa for GCC resident?

A   Go to the official website of UAE government, register yourself and follow the procedure.

Q   What documents need for on arrival visa?

A  They will ask your passport. and might be they can ask on which hotel you are staying, show your booking. That's all.

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