How to Unblock SBI ATM Card

SBI is India's largest bank, and it facilitates convenient cash transactions by offering more than 43,000 ATMs. The bank's ATM accepts SBI debit cards, SBI credit cards, and cards issued by other banks such as Maestro, Master Card, Cirrus, VISA and VISA Electron. 

The SBI offers a host of ATM services including cash transactions, pin change, balance inquiry, cheque book request, credit card and bill payments. how to unblock sbi atm card Since PIN is indispensable for ATM services, the customers have to memorize the number and change it frequently for safety and security. 

Despite the best efforts of the customer, Sometimes the SBI ATM card blocked due to wrong pin and this has to be rectified only through the official channels. 

As we already explained, the process to block SBI ATM card. Here step by step guide to unblock SBI ATM card.

Various Reasons for SBI ATM Card to Get Blocked:

There are various reasons why your ATM card may have got completely blocked.  Here I will mention a few valid reasons for your benefit-

  1. Your ATM card may get blocked for 24 hours due to more than 3 incorrect pin entry attempts at the cash machine.
  2. If you misplaced or lost your debit card, then you have to block it and prevent misuse. In such cases, you have to submit an application to the branch manager with an unblocking request.
  3. If you are a user of Maestro card that has not been used for several months, then it gets automatically blocked by SBI.
  4. The bank blocks ATM cards of accounts with low balance, as the customer cannot afford to pay his or her annual service charges. You have to visit the local branch for a new ATM card in such a scenario.
  5. Debit cards have expiry date, and they are renewed at least 3 months before expiry. Make sure you received the new ATM card by post, or else you may have to contact the bank's help desk for assistance.

Unblock SBI ATM card

1. Unblock By SMS: SBI account holders with ATM cards can also rely on the Mobile Banking services. SBI's SMS banking service is available on all phones and the customer can send keywords such as BLOCK, SMPIN, MBREG through SMS to 9223440000. 

2. Online Options for Unblocking SBI ATM Card: SBI offers Internet Banking services, and customers can transfer funds, request cheque books, or handle their accounts using the online mode. 

Registered users can also rely on Smart phone with internet connection for changing the pin number after 24 hours of blocking. 

Online option for unblocking SBI ATM card is useful if you accidentally blocked the PIN number due to 3 missed attempts. Official Website: 

3. Unblock by Call: For any query, you can contact the SBI support team at the toll-free no 1800 11 22 11. You can also inform SBI immediately of ATM card loss at the number 1800 425 3800. 

4. By Visiting SBI Bank: For unlocking your SBI ATM card in person, you will have to contact the branch manager and submit an application. 

You have to mention personal details, account details, ATM card number, validity date, etc. in the application form (excepting the pin number). 

The bank will provide you with the new password or they may provide you with a new debit card. 

You will be inconvenienced for a few days as systematic processing is necessary for activating your blocked ATM card or for issuing a new ATM card.

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