How to Activate SBI Debit Card

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The SBI Debit card is provided to the account holder either when the account gets created or on the demand made by the account owner. This financial card lets you access your money at any time of the day and helps you in making transactions, both online and offline.

Once you receive your SBI debit card, you now don’t have to visit the SBI branch to get it activated or to get the PIN linked with it. From a variety of options, you can now get your work simplified and can easily get your Debit card and ATM pin activated within a couple of minutes.

Activate SBI Debit Card Online

Activating SBI Debit card online

Following are the steps that one must follow in order to get his SBI debit card activated online-:
1. Open SBI- Open your online SBI net banking account by entering the Username and Password.
2. Go to e-services option- After logging in, click on the “e-services” tab in the header menu.
3. Go to ATM Card services- In the drop-down menu of SBI “e-services”, many options are listed. Here, click on “ATM Card Services”.
4. Go to New ATM Card Activation- In the current page, you will find various ATM card services like “Block ATM card”, “ATM pin generation” etc. Here you need to click on the option “New ATM card activation”.
5. Select your account- In the “New ATM card activation” page, you will find information related to your various accounts. Select the account whose ATM cum Debit card you want to activate.
6. Enter your ATM card number- Enter your “New ATM Card Number” and then re-enter it. Now, click on the “Activate” button.
7. Enter a high-security password- You will see a confirmation page with details regarding your Account number and ATM card. Enter the high-security password that has been sent to your registered mobile number. Now click on “Confirm” button.

Your SBI Debit card will thus be activated successfully and a confirmation message for the same will be sent to your registered number.

Activating SBI Debit Card through SMS

Following are the steps that one must follow in order to get this SBI debit card activated through SMS-:

1. From your registered mobile number, send an SMS to 567676 in the following format
aaaa refer to your last four digits of Debit card number and
bbbb refer to your last four digits of SBI Bank account number

Example- PIN 2345 7890
2345 will refer to the last four digits of Debit card number and 7890 will refer to the last four digits of SBI bank account number.

2.  You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number which will be used for activation of your SBI debit card. The OTP shall remain valid for only 48 hours.
If you do not have your registered mobile number with you at the moment, then you can get a new number registered with your account online.

After activation of your SBI debit card, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone.

Generating SBI Debit Card PIN through ATM

In order to get your PIN for SBI debit card, you can choose from a variety of options, but the ATM and online options are most commonly used.
Following are the steps that you need to follow to get your SBI debit card PIN through ATM-:

1. Visit SBI ATM- Firstly, you need to visit to your nearest SBI ATM machine center.
2. Swipe your Card- In order to get access to your SBI account, you must first swipe your Debit Card.
3. Go to Pin Generation- Click on “Pin Generation” option present at the bottom right of your ATM Screen.
4. Enter your Account Number- You will find a space to enter your SBI account number.
5. Enter your Mobile Number- Enter your registered mobile phone number. Press on Confirm.
6. Message sent- A message will be sent to your mobile number and information regarding the same will be shown on your ATM screen. Confirm the same.
7. OTP sent- A one-time password will be sent to your mobile number.
Now, the OTP shall be used for activating your SBI debit card PIN.

Your ATM pin will thus be successfully generated.
It can be now be used for various transactions, whether online or via ATM.

The online mode to get your ATM PIN is much more efficient and quicker. It saves your time and hassle of visiting an ATM.

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