How to Close SBI Bank Account

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Do you really want to close SBI account? The decisions for closure of one’s bank account do not come very often in someone’s mind but when they do, it is of paramount importance to find the right steps, to get the job done.

There could be multiple reasons for a SBI customer to opt for closing an account. It might be related to-(a) Unhealthy services and behavior by any SBI branch.

(b) Due to excess number of accounts in possession of a person, under which he prefers to close one of the accounts.


(c) He is unable to maintain a certain minimum balance in his account which is required to avoid penalty and for proper functioning of the account.

Latest Updates

According to latest average monthly balance (AMB) rules released by State Bank of India as of April 1, 2018, the minimum balance amount required to be present in the SBI account in metro and urban areas is Rs 3,000, while in Semi- urban areas, the minimum balance amount is Rs 2000 and in the rural areas, the minimum balance amount is Rs 1000.

The penalty charged on insufficient balance can be explained with the help of following table-

Whatever the reason might be, the account holder will have to walk to the SBI branch for closure of his account as because the procedure cannot be carried out online.

If you hold a savings/salary/current account in State Bank of India and are looking for ways to close it, then here are the details you will have to consider.

Things to remember While closing SBI Account

  1. Make sure that you are not left with any pending dues related to that account.
  2. Make the account balance to zero before applying for its closure.
  3. Make a note that you will not be allowed to re-open the following account again.

Process of Closing SBI Bank Account

Follow Steps to close SBI Account

The following guidelines should be followed step by step for closure of your SBI account-:

  1. Go to the SBI branch-You need to walk in to your SBI branch where you opened the following account.
  2. Collect the Closure form- Collect the closure form from the bank executive or simply download it from the SBI website.
  3. Fill the form- The form needs to be filled mentioning some details related to the account holder and account. Following things are to be mentioned when filling a closure form-
  • Name of Account Holder,
  • Account Number,
  • Contact Number,
  • Signature of the account holder of the respective savings/current account,
  • Justification for closing the account.

If your balance in the account is not reduced to zero, then the bank will allow you to choose a suitable option for transfer of the remaining balance to you.

This could be done via Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft or online transfer to any other account. Whatever method you find viable, you need to mention it in the closure form.

  1. Submit SBI Debit card, Passbook etc- Once you have completed filling the closure form, you will be asked to submit all the document accessories that you received from the bank while creating your account.

    Your SBI debit card, cheque book and passbook needs to be duly submitted to the following SBI branch. This is done to avoid any misuse of these items in the future.
  2. Provide ID proof and Address proof- Generally, most of the SBI branches demand for ID proof and Address proof to ensure that you are the same account holder and to avoid any discrepancies. Provide photocopies of these ID proofs to your bank branch. 

A representation of the closure form of State Bank of India is shown in the image below-

After following the above mentioned steps, your request for closure of the account will be processed and you will receive a confirmation SMS on your phone number and an email on your email ID.

How Much SBI Account Closure Charges?

State Bank of India charges some amount on closing an account and this is done to recover the various costs that occurred while opening your account.

However, in only specific cases, a few minimum amount is charged, otherwise closing your SBI account takes place at no cost.

If the request to close the account is submitted within 14 days of its opening, then SBI will levy no extra charges for closing the account. However, if the request is submitted after 14 days and before the completion of one year, then SBI charges Rs 500 + GST from the account holder.

If the request is submitted after the completion of one year, then SBI charges no cost for account closing.

For Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account Holder

Here, some extra benefits are provided for customers who hold a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBD). The account holder holding a BSBD account will not be charged any fee by SBI for closure of his account and also does not always have to keep a certain minimum amount in its account to avoid penalty (as is the case with other SBI account holders).

The following could be summarized very well with the help of following table-



Up to 14 days of opening of account

No Charges

Beyond 14 days and up to one year of opening of account

Rs 500 + GST

After one year of opening of account

No Charges

Closing of Basic Savings Bank Deposit (BSBD) accounts 

No Charges


If you are looking to close any of your SBI accounts, then just for a moment, you should look to re-consider your decision since State Bank of India is a well reputed Multinational, Government sector bank in the country.

It has a large number of branches and ATM’s all over India. It is also the largest lender and probably very famous among both urban and rural populations.

It certainly makes efforts to provide valuable services to its customers.

If considering all these facts, does not makes you change your decisions, then you can definitely Go Ahead and get your account closed.

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