How to close SBI Credit Card

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Do you want to close SBI credit card? SBI offers a variety of credit cards for use of different users like SimplySAVE Card, SBI Platinum Card, Signature Card etc.

If you are looking to close SBI credit card, maybe because you are not able to control your expenses and just looking to getting rid of the temptation or because the credit card is unnecessarily costing you money, then try to ask yourself a few basic questions like Do I really want this credit card?

or will I lose something if I just get it canceled? If your answer to such questions is NO, then you can go ahead and get your credit card canceled.

Things to keep in mind before close SBI credit card

Getting your credit card closed, isn’t just a cake walk and you need to check a few steps before actually diving into the actual procedure.
Here are a few major steps that you need to take care of:
1. Make sure that you have a valid reason for closing your credit card- In most of the cases, people with two or more credit card prefer to close one of them if they are not able to manage them properly. In such a condition, the basic rule is that out of all the credit cards you have, the card with lowest credit limit should be closed.
2. Make sure your personal information is updated- Your personal information, pertaining to your mobile phone number, email address should be kindly updated with the bank. If it is not, then make sure you update it quickly.
3. Close all auto-debit instructions given against the credit card- You might have enabled insurance premium on your credit card or maybe you have some utility bills lying pending. In such scenarios, it is preferable to check statements for a past few months and see all the entries that are enabled for auto-debit. Then, you need to close all of them in the present. If that’s not possible, then, for closing your credit card, you need to wait till the time all the entries are cleared completely.
4. Clear all your billed and unbilled dues- Clarify with the bank the total number of dues( billed+ unbilled ) lying pending against your name and then clear them all. Stop using your credit card for any transactions after doing all this.
5. Make sure that your payment gets reflected on your credit card statement- You need to keep this step in mind before closing your credit card. To get reflected on your credit card statement, it might take some time depending on the mode of payment chosen by you.

Closing SBI Credit Card Online

Steps to follow for canceling or close SBI credit card

After you have followed all the above steps sincerely, you can now go on and inform the bank about your cancellation of credit card.
Following mentioned guidelines should be followed for canceling your credit cards:
1. Call SBI Helpline- You need to place a call to the SBI Card Helpline by dialing at 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02. Make sure that you note your reference number for the request after placing the call.
2. Send a mail at bank’s email ID- Send a mail at SBI’s email ID informing that you placed a request at SBI helpline for cancellation of your credit card. Also, provide them the reference number for your request.
3. Submit a request for cancellation at the bank as well- For full proofing your procedure of canceling the credit card, submit a request to SBI bank mentioning that you are destroying the credit card.
4. Keep an acknowledgment- Remember to keep an acknowledgment of the physical copy of request that you submit at the bank. On that acknowledgment, bank employee’s name, employee code, seal, signature and date should be present.
5. Wait for bank’s confirmation call- The bank will inform you about your credit card closure by making a call. For this reason, it becomes very essential that the mobile number you provided to the bank should be updated to the latest. It might be possible that if the bank is unable to reach you then they might decline your cancellation request and then your card might remain active in your credit report. To avoid this, make sure that you follow this step judiciously.
6. Clear your important queries during confirmation call- Important queries at the time of confirmation call should be cleared. These queries can include questions like the time till when you credit card will get closed? when the credit score will get updated ?, when will you receive No dues certificate? etc.
7. Keep a record of your certificates- The certificates/documents like NOC (No objection certificate and No dues certificates ) are the ones that you receive from your bank after your credit card closure are for the confirmation that all your dues have been cleared and card has been closed successfully. These documents should be kept safe to avoid any financial discrepancy or any kind of hassle in the future.
8. Check your credit report after a period of time- This is the last step that you need to follow for successfully closing/cancelling your credit card. If the credit report shows inactivity for your credit card, then it has been closed successfully but if still shows your credit card to be active, then there has been a mistake on the part of the bank and you need to inform them about this as soon as possible.

Hope the following article turns out to be helpful for anyone looking to get his SBI credit card closed!

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