How To Download Series And Movies From Netflix

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Netflix is an extremely popular online streaming platform. But you can still enjoy Netflix if you are out of your data or even if you are facing WiFi trouble. Because you get the opportunity to download on Netflix. Now you can enjoy Netflix even when you do not have internet facilities.

Steps To Download Series And Movies On Netflix

1. Open Netflix - In order to download on Netflix, you need to open Netflix first. Open or open the Netflix app on your phone.

2. Select Series or Movies - The homepage of Netflix will appear on your screen now. On the top, you will view the options of TV shows, Movies and My List. You can go to your preferred option and select the show or movie you want to download on Netflix. You can select the genre according to your wish. Apart from this, if you have added the shows and movies on your list then open the option 'My List'.

3. Go To Search - If you know the name of the movie or show you are willing to download, directly go to the search option at the bottom of your screen.

4. Type Name - After you click on the search option, type the name of the movie or series on the space provided at the top of your screen.

5. Tap on the Series or Movie - When you have found the series or movie of your choice on Netflix, tap on that option. A page will appear showing the details of that particular movie or series.

6. Tap Download - Scroll down on your screen and you will find the number of episodes ( for series ) appearing on the screen. However for movies, it will show the options of my list, rate, share and download.

7. Start to Download - You have reached the final step to download on Netflix. For movies, press on the download option which is like a downward arrow sign. But for series, you will have to download one episode at a time. When you view one episode, there will a downward arrow sign on the extreme right side of your screen. In order to download the series on Netflix, you will have to click on that icon.

Now you have successfully downloaded your preferred movie or series on Netflix. You can view the progress of your download from the option of ' download' given at the bottom of your Netflix home screen. However, you will have to keep in mind one thing which is you cannot download too many series and movies on Netflix. There is limited space on Netflix for the purpose of download and offline watching.

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