How to Change a Plan for Netflix

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To change a plan for Netflix is rather a simple task. With Netflix giving you three different plan modes, you may feel the need to change your plans as well. Wondering how to change your Basic Plan to the Premium One? This article will provide you with all the details you need to know to change a plan on Netflix.

Steps to Change A Plan For Netflix Through Computer

1. Open Netflix - The primary step you need to do in order to change a plan on Netflix is to open Netflix on your device.

2. Sign into Netflix - Sign into Netflix after opening it. In order to sign in, go to the Netflix web page on Open Netflix on your computer and sign in to your account from there.

3. Open your Profile - The next step will be to choose your profile and click on the profile in order to get into Netflix.

4. Open Account - You will need to go to the account option. Look up on your screen. There will be a profile image on the extreme right. Tap on the downward triangle option just beside the profile image. It is from here that you can get into account.

5. Open Plan Details - The account page will open thereafter. It will show the login details as well as the option of plan details. Head over to that option.

6. Change Plan - Just beside plan details will be the option to change a plan for Netflix. Tap on that option.

7. Current Plan - The page will show your current plan details. It is from here that you can change your Netflix plan.

8. Choose a Plan - There will be three plans in total.

  • The Basic Plan costing $ 7.03 will be ideal if you are watching Netflix alone. But it will not provide you with an HD quality image.
  • The Standard Plan is for two people with HD quality image facility. Other than that it can be watched from two devices at the same time. The cost of this one is $ 9.13.
  • The Premium Plan is for four people costing $ 11.24. It has many facilities. For instance, it gives you 4K resolution, Ultra HD quality. You can watch it from four devices at the same time. It is now time for you to choose your ideal plan.

9. Click Continue - After choosing the right plan, tap on continue on the screen below. This will further change your plan details on Netflix.

10. Enjoy Netflix - You have successfully changed your Netflix plan. It is now time for you to sit back and enjoy.

Steps to Change  A Plan On Netflix Through Your Phone

1. Open Netflix - The first step will be to open Netflix on your phone.

2. Go to Menu - Look down on your screen. You will find the menu button there. Tap on that option.

3. Open Account - The menu option will take you to the profile page. You can see the profile details there. Along with that you will also find the option ' Account' at the bottom. Open the account option from there.

4. Open Plan Details - The account page will take you to the login details page. Scroll down and you will find the option of plan details. Open that option in order to change your Netflix plan.

5. Change Plan - Click on the option ' Change Plan' just below plan details. The page will show your current Netflix plan. For instance, if you have a Basic Plan now you can upgrade it to the Premium pr Standard Plan and vice versa.

6. Press Continue - Choose the plan you want to take. After you are done, press on continue to enjoy the plan.

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