How to Choose a Plan for Netflix

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To choose plan for Netflix is as easy as it sounds. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms. With various shows to watch, everybody seems to Netflix and chill. But to choose plan for Netflix is also vital. Follow this article to know all the details to choose plan for Netflix.

Steps to Choose Plan for Netflix

1. Open Netflix - The first step in order to choose plan for Netflix is to open Netflix. You can open Netflix on your phone or on your desktop as well. For mobile phone users. just open the Netflix app. Others go to on the web browser to open Netflix.

2. Open Menu - The next step will be to head over to account. Look down on your screen. You will find the icon of three parallel lines on your extreme right. That is the menu button. Choose that option.

3. Go to Settings - After opening the menu, Netflix will open a page for you. From there you will find the option of Account from the bottom. Tap on that option. It is from here you can choose plan for Netflix.

4. Open Plan Details - Choose the option of plan details from the account menu. It is here where you can view the three different plans.

5. Choose a Plan - Time has arrived to choose plan for Netflix. Choosing the right plan for Netflix is very important.

6. Choose Basic Plan - If you are planning to watch Netflix alone, choose the plan 'Basic'. You can watch Netflix from only one medium. But no Ultra HD quality is available for this plan. This plan will cost you  $ 7.02.

7. Choose Standard - The Standard plan is ideal for two people. This plan allows you to watch Netflix from two different mediums at the same time. For example, your friend and you can watch Netflix at the same time from your respective devices. You can watch HD quality picture here. The pocket pinch for this one is $ 9.13.

8. Choose Premium - This is the plan for you when you have four people in mind. It will not only give you ultra HD quality but will also provide 4K resolution. This is considered the best plan for Netflix because it has offline viewing as well. For instance, you can download shows or movies and watch them offline. This plan is priced at $ 11.24. If needed, you can change your plans too.

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