How to Remove Someone on Netflix

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If you want to remove someone on Netflix, this is the article for you. Netflix is a popular online streaming application where you can watch series and movies. You can watch it alone or you can share the account with others. In order to remove someone on Netflix, follow this article and get all your questions answered.

Steps To Remove Someone On Netflix

1. Open Netflix - The first step will be to open the Netflix app. If you watch it on your laptop/desktop, then go to But if you watch it on your phone, open the app on your phone.

2.Click On More - The second step will be to select the more option. Look down on your screen. You will find the option on the extreme right bottom corner of your phone screen. But for those of you watching Netflix on laptop/desktop tap on the option 'Manage Profiles' after you enter

3. Manage Profiles - A page will appear on your screen which will show the profile details. From there, tap on the option of 'Manage Profiles'

4. Tap On The Account You Want To Remove - After selecting manage profiles, a page will appear o your screen with the names of all the profile holders of the Netflix account. Select the profile you want to remove on Netflix. However this step is similar for both mobile and desktop/laptop users.

5. Delete Profile - The screen will show the name and picture ( if any ) of the person whose profile you have selected. Look down on your screen and you will view the option of 'Delete Profile' Select that option.

6. Press Save - Netflix will give you the option of save and continue. Select that option. Therefore, you have reached your final step. You have been successful to remove someone on Netflix.

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