How to register your degree in Saudi Council of Engineers

All Engineers Who working in KSA, want's to register in Saudi Council of Engineers in Saudi Arab. If you are going to Saudi Arab and having engineer degree and want to do the profession of engineering there then you have to register yourself in Saudi Council of engineers. 

It is very important for because it will give you many benefits while living in Saudi Arab. That’s why the embassy of Saudi Arab gives very much importance to the profession mentioned in your passport. 

However, you can search a job in Saudi Arab and can opt any job there. With the help of technology you can search the expatriate jobs in every field. 

Use Google search engine. There are many sites from you can apply or can do a simple e-mail for the job. Like- Gulf Talent- 

There are so many good quality and professional expatriate jobs on this site. Monster Gulf- It is a pretty good search engine for finding jobs. 

Bayt- One of the top best job search sites in the Middle East. But when comes the case of Engineers it becomes a little bit rigid. Have a look how to apply for registration in Saudi council of engineers in Saudi Arab.

Step 1- First of all you have to make attestation of your engineer degree from the Office of Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture. Each country has its own this kind of office.

register your engineering degree in Saudi Council of Engineers Example- If you have done your engineering from India then you have to go to the Office of Saudi embassy and Saudi culture office. After once the degree gets certified and comes back to you only then you can apply for the registration. 

Now talks about the process of attestation. It will take time near about 2 months. Have a look- 

1- You will need the letter from the company in which you are applying. The letter must show that the company is requesting Saudi embassy and Saudi culture from the respective country’s office. 

2- You will need one more letter containing your name, current profession, desired profession and the date of joining. Take care that the current profession must be same in your employment visa or Iqama. 

3- Then attest the degree from some education commission and Ministry of foreign affairs from the country you belong. 

4- You can do one more thing. You can send the following documents to someone you knows in your country-

  • Original letters
  • Visa photocopy
  • Iqama photocopy
  • Passport photocopy
  • Original degree.

6- After the process is done of attestation then you handed over all the documents to the Madoob in your company. 

7- In case of change of profession then you have to attest your documents from the Chamber of Commerce of your city. You have to pay profession change fee which is mandatory according to the Labour Law of Saudi Arab. The fee is 1000 SR. Important things that you should take care while attesting in Chamber of Commerce-

  • You can locate the office of Chamber of Commerce near you. You can go there anytime because it remains open 24 hours.
  • The good news is that you can locate this service of Chamber of Commerce in your near shopping malls. What you need is to locate them.
  • The fee will be charged 25 SR by Chamber of Commerce.
  • If you an employee of a governmental companies or in which government own 50% capital then you don’t need to certify from the Chamber of Commerce.

Step-2 After the attestation is done what you have to do is the translation of your degree in the Arabic language. For this, you have to appoint an approved translator.

Step 3- Open the official site of Saudi council of engineers and fill the form given there. You will need the following documents with the online registration-

saudi council

  • Letters’ copies- Employment and authorization.
  • Iqama photocopy.
  • A copy of degree attested from the Saudi Embassy.
  • Engineering grade sheet.
  • Passport photocopy.
  • Passport size photo-200*200 pixels
  • CV

Step 4- After filling the details and attaching the documents with the form and submit it on the site of Saudi Council of engineers.

Step 5-  After submitting the form, you will be given a registration number within three days of submission. All you need is to keep it safe with you because for further procedure.

Step 6- After the Saudi Council of engineers will examine you documents and form and if they think you can apply for registration then they will ask you to fill the registration fee.

Step 7- After the submission of form and fee payment, you will get a registration letter from Saudi Council of engineers.

In case of change of profession- However we have discussed above the chamber of commerce details. In the following steps will be required for change in profession-

  • First you have to mention to the Saudi Council of Engineers that you want to change the profession.
  • Submit that attested letter from Chamber of Commerce along the form.
  • The council will send the letter to the Ministry of home and handed over you a copy of that letter.
  • As we have discussed above the remaining work will be done by the HR of the company you are going to work in. Just take care of handed over all the documents to the HR of your company.

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Benefits of registration in Saudi Council of Engineers -

  1. You can apply for family visit visa Saudi Arab.
  2. You can apply for driving licence Saudi Arab.
  3. You can apply for permanent family visa in Saudi Arab.
  4. You can apply for arrival on visa in UAE.
  5. You can apply for arrival on visa in Qatar.

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