How to Get a Family Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab is one of the world's largest oil producer and largest exporter Country in the world. Some People says Saudi is dry places in the world but because of job opportunities this place has become happiness. 

Most of the people live alone here. It is difficult to live far away from your dear ones. Although it seems a dry place but it has lots of outdoor activities. That is why most of the single persons try to bring their family to Saudi Arab for a refreshing time. 

This can be done through two ways first is to bring family by permanent visa and if the family wants to come Saudi Arab for a short time then visit visa is a good option. Here is the information about visit visa that will help you to get with your dear ones.

How to apply family visit visa in saudi arabia new procedure

Required Documents-

  • Valid Original Iqama (check your Iqama Status)
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport copy of each of the member you are bringing to the country.
  • Acceptable profession. It very important to mention it because some professions are reserved for natives only.

Persons you can invite are-

  • Wife
  • Children
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Father-in-law
  • Mother-in-law
  • Sister-in-law

Filling online application-

First apply online for the visit visa. Form available on the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The site will be in Arabic so you have to translate page in English. The site looks like the picture below taken from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

1. Visit Official Website. Open Ministry  of Foreign Affairs Website and Change the language in English.

 Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia step-1

2. Go to Individuals Section. For Individuals person Click on the option ’Individuals’. Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia step-2

3. Select Resident. Click on the option ‘Residents’. Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia Step-3

4. See family Visit Visa Application. After Clicking Residents. You will see four options there. For family visit visa click on ‘Family Visit Visa Application’. Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia Step-4

5. Read Terms and Condition. Click on agree Button. From this step, all the form will be in Arabic only. Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia step-5

6. Enter your Iqama Details. Fill your Iqama number, Visa number, Expiry date of Iqama and then Click on next button. Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia step-67. Check Your Details. In this step Website automatically fetch your some data on the basis of your previous entered record and will show in form. It will fetch the following details automatically

  • Your name
  • Profession
  • Date of birth
  • Your nationality
  • Name of your sponsor
  • Number written on visa

You have to fill only Title, Valid Email id and Mobile Number in Application form. And click on next button.   Apply-Family-Visit-Visa-in-Saudi-Arabia-step-7

8. Confirm your staying time.  Now fill the validity How long you want to stay in Saudi Arabia. Maximum duration for family visit visa for Saudi Arabia is 180 Days. You can’t extend more than 180 days. So select duration as per your convenient. After this click on Addition button.Apply-Family-Visit-Visa-in-Saudi-Arabia-step-8

9. Enter visitor details. When you click on addition button one pop-up form will be open. Here fill the person name who is going to come on family visit visa for Saudi Arabia.

  • Please note that name should be exactly same as mention in the passport.
  • Enter religion of that person (Muslim or Non-Muslim).
  • Gender of the person
  • Relationship with that person
  • City name from Which He/She will be Travel
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth

Check all the details carefully. If any diffuclty is coming in Arabic language, use Google translator to translate in English. Apply-Family-Visit-Visa-in-Saudi-Arabia-step-9

10. Cross check your all details. Now, When all the above things done. Go for next button. Before that make sure all the information is correct as per your passport. 

Here you will see final filled form, check once again and take print of this form. Now you are successfully filled online form. Now you have to follow further process. Apply-Family-Visit-Visa-in-Saudi-Arabia-step-10

Form Submission in Chamber of Commerce-

After completion of filling form submit it and take a hard copy of it. The application form no. will be written at the corner of the application. Sign the hard copy with the date. Then, go to your sponsor and ask him to sign where requires and put his stamp. 

Make sure that your sponsor has authorized signatures in Make sure that your sponsor has authorized signatures in chamber of commerce. 

Then submit the form in chamber of commerce of the city. You will be charged SR 25 (SR 2000 updated fee ) for visa application. 

They will make two copies one for the department and one for you to hand over. This way your form submission is done.

Form Submission in Saudi Embassy-

You need the following documents to submit in Saudi Embassy-

  • Original passport
  • Iqama of sponsor
  • Copy of passport
  • 2-4 passport sizes photos
  • Authorization letter if you are applying for your sister’s husband.
  • Marriage certificate, copy of passport and Iqama of your wife if you are applying for your in-laws.

Send the application no. to the relative in your home country when the family visa application gets approved. Contact to an agent he can ease your work at a little cost of money. 

The Embassy will take approximately 3 months to stamp the documents. While in some countries you don’t need to go to the agents. They have Etimad centres for natives. 

These centres provide permanent family visa for you. Visa after being stamped by the Saudi embassy, the visa holder has to travel within 3 months or the visa will expire.

Complete Procedure for applying family visa in Saudi Arabia- Video

Check Visa Application Status- Click on this link then type the application no. and Iqama no. to check the status of your visa application. Normally, it takes 3 days to process the visa but if it takes a little longer need not to worry keep patience you are dealing with Saudi Arab Government.

In Case Some More Documents Required-

If the application for your family visit declined straight forwardly then they may ask you to submit some more documents. Attach all the required documents with the application and then submit it to your nearest office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The timing of MOFA is 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.Try to go around The timing of MOFA is 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.Try to go around 11am you will find it less crowded than early morning hours. After submission the process is the same of checking the application status. You will get the good news soon.

If Application Gets Rejection-

If your visa application gets rejection for the first time don’t worry. Apply for the second time sometimes it takes the second attempt for the approval. 

Still you don’t get the approval than apply from the Istiqdam office. There are many cases in which people got family visit visa after 2 times rejection.


After issuing of visa, it can be stamped by the Saudi Embassy in your home country within 3 months of its issuance date. After being stamped by the Saudi Embassy the visa remains valid only for one month.

In Case of Extention-

In case of the Eextention of the family visit visa for Saudi Arabia there are some conditions as followed-

  • If the visa is stamped for 3 months time period then it can be extended 5 more times. It means stay of 180 days.
  • If the visa is stamped for 90 days time period then it can be extended 1 more times. It means stay of 180 days.

Don’t Make Your Stay OVERSTAY- It is very important to tell that expatriates living in Iqama take the responsibility of bringing the family to the Saudi country. 

If a family member overstayed even for a single day a fine will be imposed of SD 25,000/- on the expatriate with Iqama. 

Due to this you should plan the departure 3-4 days before the expiration of the visit visa. You never know, flight problem can occurs or any other things can happen, which can extend your stay for few more days. 

If you get an emergency then you can get a grace period of 15 days on your visit visa. This kind of grace period are not charged fine of overstay but this approval mostly depends on the mood of Immigration officer. 

I Hope these above things will help you for getting family visit visa. Wish you and your family a good time. Enjoy!

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