How to Get GCC Driving License?

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GCC driving licence you can only get in GCC countries. Many time during the interview for gulf country employer asks about GCC driving licence. Or many time when jobs advertisement came in the newspaper they mention there this vacancy only for GCC driving licence holder. 

It means candidate should have gulf experience. And you should have GCC driving licence.gcc driving licence  

Why they want GCC driving licence holder, The main reason behind this GCC licence is, maximum gulf employer they want their employee

  • to start work very quickly
  • They don’t want to give time to fresh employee
  • Fresh employee will face language problem in starting and many others problem
  • GCC licence holder already knows the gulf culture and work environment and they can start work quickly
  • Many time freshers fail to do the work as per employer expectation

Why GCC Licence is very important 

In all GCC countries, Four wheeler vehicle is very common, petrol is very cheap . In this country, without vehicle, it will be very difficult to survive there. 

For example, you are going for Manager Post or Sales Engineer post. For this position company will give you separate vehicle. 

If you don’t know driving and you don’t have GCC driving licence. your Company will face many difficulties to give you driving licence. 

or company will give you one driver. means If you have GCC driving licence In this case company can save one driver. and you can start driving same day or maximum within 2-3 days. Without any issue. 

Now The GCC countries have agreed to a common driving licence system issued by authorities of any of its members. it means If you are getting driving licence in Dubai. 

It will valid in all GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar.

GCC Driving License Convert to Dubai License

How to get GCC driving licence?

For GCC driving licence first, you should have good driving skill. It means you should know how to drive a vehicle. GCC driving licence you can’t get in your home country. 

For that, you have to go to any GCC country. So whenever you are going to any gulf country try to apply for driving  licence as soon as possible. 

Because it very helpful for your future. Whenever you have to switch job and have to go any other GCC country it will help you there. 

Also, the employer gives you first priority during an interview. to get GCC driving licence it will be very easy for that person who have the driving licence from his own country. 

For example, you are from India and you have the Indian driving licence now you are going to applying for GCC driving licence in Saudi Arabia. So it will be very easy for you. 

You don’t have to pass all the test. Only clear few test and get your GCC driving licence. You can get GCC driving licence in any of GCC countries. Here we are giving the procedure to take GCC driving licence in Saudi. 

Document required for applying for GCC driving licence.

  • Your blood test reports certificate
  • Copy of your ID or Iqama
  • Copy of your passport along with visa
  • 4 Passport size photographs

Minimum age to get driving licence in Saudi Arabia is 18 years You have to pay 80 riyals for 2 years and 200 riyals for 5 years

Step 1: Go to dallah driving school in the morning with all above required documents.

Step 2: Apply there to create your file.

Step 3: After that, you have to go eye testing section for the eye test. After eye testing, they will stamp on your  application.

Step 4: Get licence check by one of another office in the same hall.

Step 5: After that, you have to go for your first trail. In this trail if you get Grade A. It means you are ready for final test. In other case you have to attend classes.

Step 6: For grade A candidate, pay 100 riyal for computer test.

Step 7: after successfully clear computer test you have to go again for final trail test.

Step 8: Final trail pass, go to counter and submit your file within few minutes your name will be called to collect the licence from window.

Step 9: In case of failure you need to go another counter there they will tell you next test date.

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