How to Get a Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

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Police clearance certificate is needed from all the countries you visited, for migration to European countries and USA, Australia etc. In the VISA processing stages, it is mandatory to have a police clearance certificate. 

It is to check whether you have any part in crimes happened and handled by the respective Police department of the nations. In this article, I am discussing the procedure for applying for the police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia. 

If you are going to settle or work in the other countries and have taken final exit without the police clearance certificate, then you will be in trouble. 

You have to get the clearance certificate while you are in the KSA itself. It is not needed if you are returning to your home country. Elaborate investigation and fingerprint verification are needed to get the police clearance certificate in KSA.

How to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia?

Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Getting any file moved in the KSA government offices is a challenging task that everybody knows. Procedure to get the police clearance certificate get even more complex and once you have taken the final exit at KSA. 

Another person on behalf of you, appearing for the police clearance certificate is a tough task to do. Although, there are some agencies that do the job for you.

Place Location of Police station
Riyadh Deera Police station, near the court
Jeddah Police station behind the Islamic Development Bank
Dammam Police station opposite Governors house

Documents Required:

  • Filled up application form
  • Two recent photos of 2” x 2” size
  • A photo copy of the passport showing the clear details of the front and back of the passport
  • Iqama copy
  • A covering letter explaining the stay in KSA and the reason for the certificate
  • Proof of address

Procedure to Get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia

Follow the steps below to apply for police clearance certificate.

  1. Get the endorsement letter: Fill in the application for getting the endorsement letter from the embassy and attach iqama copy and pay the fee with the form.
    It may take a week for processing your endorsement letter from the embassy, and the time varies with the embassy to embassy.
    They may ask your current employment proof and the evidence for the need of the PCC. Processing time for the letter may vary between 1 to 2 weeks.
  2. Get the attestation: On getting the endorsement letter you need to get it attested by MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) office You must have passport and Iqama with you while applying for the attestation. You have to pay SR. 100 for it.
  3. Make sure the scanning of your fingerprint: You have to ensure that, you are enrolled for the fingerprint in the Ministry of Interior system. Without it, your application will not be processed.
  4. Visit the Police Station: You can visit any police station as mentioned in the table above. With the attested endorsement letter, visit the police station. If you are accompanied by GRO (Government Relations Officer) of your company you are currently working, to accelerate the pace of processing. There the Directorate of Saudi Arabian Civil Police issue the police clearance certificate.
  5. Expected date: you will be told the expected date of the certificate issue, by the police officers. On that day you can appear at the police station and collect the certificate.
    To avoid disappointing visit to the police station, you can visit the police station after 3 days from the expected date. You make sure the certificate is translated into English, for other nation’s officials can read it.
    You have to take the certificate again to Ministry of Foreign affairs, to get it attested again.

Getting the police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia is not simple.  Still, you can get followed by the above guide.

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