How to Check Iqama Validity and Expiry Status in Saudi Arabia

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In Saudi Arabia Ministry of interior website provide you the facility to check your Iqama status/Muqeem Card Status online. It’s very easy to check the Validity & Expiry Date online in Saudi Arabia. For this, you should have only valid Iqama number and follow step by step guide.

How to Check iqama Expiry Without Absher

Iqama Status/Muqeem Card Status

1.  Go to this Official website If the website will open in the Arabic language change the language to English. English option is available in top left-hand corner.

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2. Click on Query Iqama Expiry Services: Go to menu Electronic Inquiries>passport>Query Iqama Expiry Services. Click on  Query Iqama Expiry Services.

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3. Fill your Iqama number: After clicking on this link one new page will open. Enter your Iqama number and Image code. Then click on View button.

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4. See your Status: After clicking on view button you can see you Iqama status above the form. See in the image.

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Check Your Iqama Status by MOI Android App

Saudi government launch Saudi Arabia MOI - Inquiries android App you can get many benefits from Saudi Arabia MOI - Inquiries App.

Image title Check Your Iqama Status by MOI Android App

From This Application you can do the following:

  1. Ministry of Interior - Public Query Available Funds
  2. Civil Affairs - Public Query Hajj Eligibility
  3. Civil Affairs - Query NIN Expiry Service
  4. Passports - Public Query Hajj Eligibility
  5. Passports - Public Query FingerPrint Enrollment
  6. Passports - Public Query of Exit/Re-Entry Visa Status
  7. Passports - Public Query Health Insurance Validity (For Residents)
  8. Passports - Query Iqama Expiry Service
  9. Traffic - Query Traffic Violations
  10. Traffic - Public Query Traffic Violation
  11. Traffic - Public Query Vehicle Insurance Validity

Some important information about iqama

  1. For expatriates, Saudi iqama/Muqeem Card will work in the multiple fields. it’s your id proof, work permit or work license. 
  2. Your iqama contains all your details like name, date of birth, expiration date, sponsor name,
  3. It will work everywhere for any work in Saudi Arabia, for example - 
  1.  Now as per new Saudi rule Your iqama can be renewed for 1 -5 years.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Q   What is Muqeem Card? and what is the difference between Iqama and Muqeem Card?

A   Saudi Government introduces Muqeem card. Now you will get Muqeem card instead of Iqama. Iqama and Muqeem card almost same but different name. Muqeem has more advanced feature then Iqama. 

Q   My iqama validity still 3 months. Can I change my Iqama to Muqeem? 

A   As per General Directorate of Passports you no need to change your iqama if your iqama is still valid. is only needed for those whose iqamas have expired. 

Q   What is the maximum validity of Muqeem card? 

A   Muqeem card will be valid for five years. 

Q   How much fine I have to pay, If I am delaying to renew my iqama/muqeem?

A   Three days of delay in reporting of iqama expiry will have to pay fine.  If the applicant's employer is private company or individuals. He has to pay double of the iqama fees. 

Q   If I lost my iqama/Muqeem card or passport. can I get fine? 

A   Non-reporting loss of your Iqama/Muqeem Card within 24 hours maximum, you will be fined.

  • first instance - 1000 SR
  • Second instance - 2000 SR
  • Third instance - 3000 SR

Q   How to check Saudi visa status? 

A   To check your family visa, exit re-entry visa, visit visa, any type of visa status, visit this link How to check Saudi visa status?  

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