How to Check Saudi Visa Status

Most people get trouble while checking their Saudi visa status. The biggest issue comes is where to check. What is the procedure, how to check Saudi visa status, whom to ask? But wait, here is the solution. 

Now you don’t have to seek here and there to check your visa status. This article has everything you were looking for.

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visa mofa

How this article help you? 

This article will help you in how to check your Saudi visa status step by step. In this digital world, everything has become so easy and quick to do without wasting much of your time. 

With the help of social media, you can go to the websites and easily check your visa. Now the issues are how to check Saudi visa status. Read below to know the following steps for how to check Arabia visa status?  

How to check visa stamping status on Enjazit For Saudi Arabia

Procedure for checking Saudi Arabia visa status: Before checking visa status you should also check Iqama status. and make sure your Iqama has sufficient validity.

Check Family Visa Status Online

Step 1: Go to Enjazit website. By default, it will be in Arabic change in English.

Check Family Visa Status Online

Step 2: Enter the following details

Check Family Visa Status Online

  • Visa number - It is mention on the top of your visa paper. Check and enter the same number.
  • Select visa issuing authority - From where the visa going to be stamp - location of Saudi embassy
  • Sponsor ID - Sponsor id is your Iqama number. Enter this number.
  • Image Code - Enter Same Code showing in the image.

Check Your Saudi Visa Status - Exit/Re-Entry

From a very long time, there has been a confusion in mind of everyone who always seeks to check their visa status. Before there were very fewer options to check Saudi visa status and so there were many problems faced by the travelers. 

Checking visa for Saudi earlier was a big task, and still few people are not having much knowledge about how to check their visa status.

Step 1: Go to Eserve website. Change the language from Arabic to English

exit reentry visa status

Step 2: Enter the passport number and Visa number.

exit reentry visa status

Step 3: Click on Check Button. All the visa details will be there.

exit reentry visa status

Check Your Saudi Visa Status - New Visa

You are planning to go Saudi Arabia. You got your Visa by agent, any office or from the relative. You can check your visa details by entring your visa number and passport number.

Step 1: First go to this website. Choose English language.

Step 2: Enter passport number and visa number. Click on check button.

new saudi visa   

Check Your Saudi Visa Status - Visit Validity

Step 1: Go to Saudi government website and change the language Arabic to English.

saudi visa validity

Step 2: Choose the first value and enter the respective number. there are three options

  • Iqama number
  • Visa number
  • Passport number

saudi visa validity

Step 3: Choose the second value and enter the respective number. There are seven options

  • Iqama Number
  • Visa number
  • Passport number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Iqama expiry date
  • Visa expiry date

  saudi visa validityStep 4: Click on Check button and see your visa details.

How to Check Visa Status With Passport Number

Follow the same procedure as above. Enter your passport number and one other details. After that, you can check your visa status.

Check Your Saudi Visa Status - Visit Visa

Step 1: Open the Enjazit website or you can directly open the link which is then select the language “English” or “Arabic (KSA) which will display below.

saudi arabia visa check  

Step 2: Enter all your details as mentioned below:

saudi arabia visa check

  1. a) Select searching for options there are two option (i) Issued visa by application number (ii) Electronic services
  2. b) Enter your application number
  3. c) Enter your Passport number
  4. d) Last but not least you will be seeing an image code option, where you have to enter the image code as it will be shown here on the website.
  5. e) Click on search

This article will surely guide you and solve your issues regarding checking your Saudi Arabia visa status. Feel free to ask and comment. You can also check your visa status here: below-given steps will help you in checking your status. 

This process is applicable on both permanent family visa and also for visit visa. The only difference is that for visit visa “the visa number” is different from “visa application number” Usually you will receive this number from the website i.e. MOFA. 

What is MOFA number? 

MOFA number is referred as “Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Number”. This is basically an online generating application number which is directly forwarded from the side of ministry website

And sent on your visa application process and this is how you get your MOFA number for your visa. This whole process is done under the supervision of registered agencies which are linked with MOFA.

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