How to block websites in Saudi Arabia

Send request to block websites in Saudi Arabia that contain any pornography, gambling and drugs ratings in Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia blocked website list

How to Open Block Website in UAE(United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia

Method 1.

  1. Open this URL: Open official website
  2. Go to header menu: You will see services options in the header menu. Follow services>filtering services>block request.
  3. Enter your email id.
  4. Enter your message, clarify that why you want to block that website.
  5. Select the reason from drop-down menu.
  6. Fill the captcha field and submit your request

Method 2. If you are gating any issue to send the blocking request by using above method. you can try this second method. In this case you can drop the mail to them on this 

mail id : [email protected] Don't forget to include the request url in mail that you are sending to them. 

Method 3. you can also send the fax regarding the same above issue on this following fax number Fax: +966 (11) 4619486 

Why Saudi Arabia is blocking this type of website?

For the purpose of protecting the Saudi Society from the harmful internet content, and to insure providing a good Internet content to the end users,

the CITC Internet Services General Department provides Internet filtering service to the users in the Kingdom, through  developing Internet filtering measures and requirements, and updating the lists, that contain the  sites daily database and provide them  to data service providers,

who provide the filtering technical solutions, in accordance with CITC requirements and policies.

The filtering process is conducted through 2 lists one commercial and the other is local.

The commercial list includes more than 90 different classifications/categories, and the blocking is made for the for pornography, gambling and drugs ratings. 

The list is updated on a daily basis. The local list is prepared by CITC through the addition of sites that are recommended by public users,

after reviewing and ensuring, that such sites contains illegal material, the pornographic sites, which represent more than 90% of the local list. 

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