How to Logout from Internshala

Author: Iqbal | Guide: Internshala |

It is really important to logout from Internshala for security reasons. You should always log out so that others cannot access your internshala account and make some changes to your account. Therefore, to prevent your account from unnecessary access you should always logout from Internshala. Follow the steps given below to logout from Internshala.

Steps to logout from Internshala:

1. Tap on three horizontal lines: You will see three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the internshala application. Just tap on the lines. logout from internshala

2. Tap on More: A sidebar will open with a number of options like Internships, My Application, My chats and other. Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and tap on the more option. logout from internshala

3. Tap on Logout: Finally, in the more option, you will see a number of options, for example, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and others. Just look for the Logout option which will be present at the last. Just tap on the Logout option to log out from the internshala application. logout from internshala

You have now finally logged out of the internshala application and hence no one can access it as it now secured and safe. It is always recommended to logout from Internshala so that your id is always secured.

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