How to Check Meesho Credit

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Meesho is India’s number one online reselling app. You can sell the products for a very good profit margin. It allows to use social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc to share the details. You can even sell on Amazon Platform. Meesho provides credits for all the transactions that happen through Meesho. This article will let you know to check Meesho credit. Just follow the below steps to check Meesho credits.

How to use meesho credits balance

Steps to check Meesho credit

1. Locate the Meesho App: Locate the Meesho app in your smartphone. Tap on the Meesho Icon. The App gets opened.

Steps to check Meesho credit

2. Select Account: Tap on the option “ Account”, which is available on the rightmost end. It will show you multiple options, where you can select the option to check Meesho Credits. Steps to check Meesho credit

3. Tap on Meesho Credits: Tap on Meesho credits option. This will let you know the total credits collected in your account.

Steps to check Meesho credit

4. Check total credits available: Here you will be able to see all your credit and debit details. If you select “All”, you are allowed to see all the details which include credit as well as a debit. Else you can choose the option as “Credit” to see only the credit details Steps to check Meesho credit

5. Select Credit: Select the option credit to check the credit details of your Meesho account. Here you will be able to see all your credit scores. Steps to check Meesho credit

So, this article explains clearly with simple steps on how to check Meesho Credit. You can Use Meesho and make huge profits sitting at your own comforts. It is one of the leading online stores for product reselling.

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