How to Update Email ID in Meesho

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Looking for the best App to earn money online? Then go for India’s one of the best online resale App Meesho. Use Meesho and make huge profits sitting at the comfort of your home. This article tells you on how to update email id in Meesho. You need to have little knowledge of using Mobile Apps. Install Meesho and start using it and Earn with Meesho App. You need to provide the details like Name, Phone number and Email id details for the further transaction on Meesho.

Steps to update Email id in Meesho:

1. Open Meesho App: Locate the Meesho App in your phone. Tap on the Icon. The App gets opened. Steps to update email id in Meesho

2. Tap On Account: Once the App opens you will be able to see the home page. On the rightmost corner of the screen, you can see a menu called Account. Tap on “Account”. Steps to update email id in Meesho

3. Tap on edit profile: The App will take you to the page where you will see an option to edit the profile. This will allow you to update your profile information like name, mobile number, email id etc. Tap on “Edit Profile”

Steps to update email id in Meesho

4. Select Contact: Under the option contact, you can update information like Name, Mobile, Email Id etc. Select the Email id field. Steps to update email id in Meesho

5. Tap on Email id field: You can type the email id details in the space given. Just enter the details under the option “Email Id”. Steps to update email id in Meesho

6. Save the Details: Tap on “Save” which is available on the screen towards the rightmost corner in the top. The details get saved.

Steps to update email id in Meesho

So, in this article, we have helped you with the steps involved in updating the email id in Meesho App. Just follow the steps and update the details. Learn how to Manage orders in Meesho and make profits working online. Meesho is the best online reselling App.

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