How to Pass GAMCA Medical Exam in Nepal

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GAMCA you have heard about this thing. This is nothing but a medical test which is very crucial for moving to the country whether it is for living or doing a job. There are many countries which have made the GAMCA test compulsory for the person of other countries.

The major concern of this test is just to check out is the person fit or not. Because if the person is not fit then the chances increases of getting more sick in the climate and weather. It is government’s duty to take care of its people whether they are from its own boundary or outside of the boundary.

Today we will talk about the GAMCA test in Nepal. In Nepal the GAMCA tests are arranged by The Nepal Health Professional Federation. Today, in this article we will tell you the basic details about the tests-

GAMCA in Nepal

1. GAMCA - First of all let’s talk about what is GAMCA test? GAMCA acronym stands for ‘GCC Approved Medical Centres Association’. It is also called the ‘GCC Medical Test’.

2. Procedure of GAMCA - As this is a medical test so you should be concern about it very much because if you are unfit the country in which you are moving will decline restrict your entry. So take it very seriously.

  • Because of it takes you out of country’s boundary it means your passport and original visa is needed.
  • Go along with the above things to a GAMCA centre. There are so many GAMCA in Nepal. For example the following centres are allowed by the gulf countries to take GAMCA in Nepal-
  • Alkhaleej medical Centre,
  • Aqua Diagnostic Services,
  • Razam Medical Centre, Saiba Medical Centre,
  • Mediasia Diagnostic Centre,
  • Al-Mashoor Diagnostic Centre
  • Life Trust Medi Diagnostic Centre

You will be provided a hospital from the above where the medical tests will be held.

• The Nepal Health Professional Federation has allowed 179 laboratories for GAMCA in Nepal.

• Once you go to the hospital then you will register yourself for the tests after paying the fees.

• After applying for the tests you will be go through the following tests and there costs are also given-

1. Hb - 40.00

2. TLC - 40.00

3. DLC - 40.00

4. M.P. - 100.00

5. M.F. - 100.00

6. Blood Sugar - 60.00

7. Blood Urea - 100.00

8. Serum Creatnine - 100.00

9. Billirubin - 100.00

10. SGPT - 100.00

11. HIV - 250.00

12. HBsAg - 250.00

13. HCV - 250.00

14. VDRL - 100.00

15. Urine (Albumin, Sugar) - 60.00

16. Stool - 40.00

17. X-Ray Chest - 150.00

18. Physician Charge - 150.00

19. Blood Grouping - 60.00

20. Cannabies (Optional) - 250.00

21. Pregnancy test for Ladies (Optional) - 100.00

  • All the above test are compulsory and for more details you can go to this link
  • The report will be out after 2-3 days by the centres.

You can check your status by going to the official site provided by the NPHF which is On the link you can simply login or you can simply enter the passport no. for knowing the report details

3. Diseases considered as Unfit - There are many infectious and non infectious diseases which are considered as unfit like-

1. HIV Aids 2. Hepatitis 3. Microfilaria 4. Malaria 5. Leprosy 6. Tuberculosis 7. Chronic Renal Failure 8. Chronic Hepatic Failure 9. Congestive Heart Failure 10. Uncontrolled Hypertension 11. Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus 12. Cancer 13. Psychiatric Diseases and Neurological Disorders 14. Physical Disability ex. Color blindness for drivers, deafness, etc. 15. Any major operation 16. Hemoglobin below 10 mg/dl 17. Others 1. Pregnancy. 2. Lung Scars or White Spot 3. Heart Murmur and more. 4. GCC Approved Medical Centres Under NHPF-

S. N Name of the Medical Address Of Health Organization Tel . Phone
1. A Quality Health Care And diagnostic center Pvt.Ltd Sinamangal, Kathmandu 01-4469855
2. Aakash Bhairab Medical Center Pvt. Ltd. Gaushala, Kathmandu 01-4474016
3. Advance Polyclinic Pvt. Ltd. Panipokhari, Lazimpat,Kathmandu 01-4443386
4. Ajaya Diagnostic Pvt.Ltd Damak, Jhapa  
5. Akhanda Poly Clinic Pvt. Ltd. Gaushala, Kathmandu 01-6227895
6. Alfresco Polyclinic Anddiagnostic center Pvt.Ltd Goldhunga-4, Kahmandu 01-2298512
7. Alka Hospital Pvt.Ltd Jawalkhel-4, Lalitpur 01-5555555
8. Alka Poly Clinic Pvt. Ltd. Jawalkhel-4, Lalitpur 01-5555650, 5540535
9. All Nepal Hospital Pvt.Ltd Samakhusi-29, Kathmandu 01-4389905
10. Alliance Medical & Research Center Pvt. Ltd. Bansthali-16, Kathmandu 01-4351095, 4384847
11. Ambekishwori Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd. Maharajung, -4, Kathmandu 01-6209155
12. Ambikeshwori Medical Center Pvt.Ltd Mitra Nagar -29 ,Samakhusi , Ktm  
13. Amitabha Buddha Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd. Narayangopal Chowk, Maharajung-4, Kathmandu 01-4721229
14. Ananda Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd Mahendra Nagar , Kanchanpur 099-5222774
15. Anmol Medical Center Pvt. Ltd. Mahaboudha-30, Kathmandu 01-4227352, 4254553
16. Anugraha Polyclinic Pvt.Ltd Naya Buspark, Kathmandu 01-4380202
17. Apple International Polyclinic Pvt. Ltd. Airport-9, Kathmandu 01-4475114
18. Asia Pacific Poly Clinic Pvt. Ltd. Thapathali-11, Kathmandu 01-4257565
19. Asian Medical Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd. Samakhusi-29, Kathmandu 01-4361203
20. Asian Plus Medical Center Pvt. Ltd. Samakhusi-5, Kathmandu 01-4382174
21. Asian Poly Clinic And Diagnosis Centre Pvt. Ltd. Bagbazar-31, Kathmandu 01-4230393
22. B.B. Health Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. Macchapokhari,Balaju-16, Kathmandu 01-4359112, 4419407
23. Baba Medical Center Pvt. Ltd. Dhumbarahi,chappal kharkhana ,Kathmandu 01-4419407
24. Bhanu Memorial Polyclinic And Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd. Gongabu-29, Kathmandu 01-4380800
25. Bharatpur Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd. Bharatpur–10, Chitwan 056-525408

For more centres you can check the NHPF site. All these centres are available for GAMCA in Nepal. 5. Important Things-

  • As we have talked before that GAMCA test is very important for the approval of going abroad. If you are willing to go to the gulf countries and you got failed than you will be never be able to go in the Gulf countries. So take it seriously.
  • The person should be healthy and free from contagious or prolonged diseases.
  • If you are going for the job of drive then your eyesight should be of 6/6. Less than 6/6 you will be failed to get approval.
  • Your hearing power should be normal.
  • For UAE and Malaysia GAMCA is not mandatory you can apply for any medical test.

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