How Book Online GAMCA Medical Test Appointment

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GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) is an association that looks to provide easy and comfortable medical examinations for all the people looking to join the Labor force in the various GCC countries.

All the people have to first get medically examined and pass the GAMCA test before getting a job in GCC countries. Once the authenticated GAMCA centers provide you with a certificate, you can then travel to any of your favorite gulf countries.

Book Online GAMCA/GCC Medical Test Appointment

GAMCA has decided to make medical check-up booking and payment online from April 1st, 2018 onwards. The expatriates intending to join GCC countries, now have to login to GCC official website and book their appointments by paying a normalized fee of $10.

The expatriates are required to get the medical slip which contains information regarding name and address of the medical center.
One can easily book a medical appointment for GCC by conforming to a few simple steps.

Steps to follow to book GAMCA Appointment

1. Open the official website- Visit the website

gamca appointment
2. Book your appointment- At the center of the page, tap on the tab “Book your appointment” to proceed.

gamca appointment
3. Register for medical test- Provide all the details for the expatriate's health check-up program.

gamca appointment
4. Provide Location details- In the space provided for “Country”, choose your preferred country and then accordingly, from the list of cities available, select your preferred city in which you want to have your medical check-up.

gamca appointment
5. Provide candidate details- In the spaces provided for “Name”, “Passport No”, “Date of birth” and “Passport expiry date”, fill in your Name, your passport number, your date of birth and your passport expiry date respectively.

gamca appointment
6. Select GCC country- In the space provided for “Country traveling to”, mention the name of the country for which you want to perform the medical test.

gamca appointment
7. Enter Nationality and email ID- Fill in your Nationality and email ID in the spaces made available.

gamca appointment
8. Select your Visa type- You have got two types of visa available- Work Visa and Family Visa. Select the appropriate one for you.

gamca appointment
9. Click on Submit button- Fill up the captcha that is made available to you and then finally click on “Submit” to submit the form.
10. Payment confirmation- A new payment confirmation page will be opened showing your Name, Email ID, Passport Number and Amount. An amount of $10 is charged for the process, which will be mentioned on the page. Click on “Pay” to confirm the information.
11. Pay the required amount- Now, enter your card details to pay the amount.
12. Re-open the official website- After doing the payment, re visit to website
13. Click on “Print GCC Slip”- On the website, an option of “Print GCC online slip” appears on the top corner. Click on it. Now, here, enter your “Passport number” and “nationality” and click on “Generate” to generate the online slip.

gamca appointment

You will receive the Medical Test Registration Slip containing all your personal and passport information. You can get this online GCC slip printed to visited the medical center. The medical center name and address will be shown clearly on the slip

This is how you can book a GCC Online medical appointment very easily from your home by following just a few simple steps and then visit the medical center with the photocopy of online slip.

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