How to Get Appointment for GAMCA Medical Test in Chennai

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Individuals who wish to work in Gulf countries must compulsorily undergo the GAMCA medical test. The GAMCA test is conducted in medical centers approved by the Gulf Health Council (GHC). If you are a resident of Chennai and wish to undergo the GAMCA test, follow the steps given in this article. You can easily book your appointment by following this easy step-by-step guide.

Booking an appointment for GAMCA medical test in Chennai:

Starting from 1 April 2018, the Gulf Health Council has moved all appointments and payments for the GAMCA test to their official website. On the official website, you can book appointments for the GAMCA medical test in any city. If you are from Chennai, you can book your appointment online at any GHC approved medical center in the city.

Steps to book your GAMCA test appointment online:

1. Visit the official GAMCA website: Open any browser on your smartphone or computer. You can book your appointment for the GAMCA test on the official website. Open the official website. You can also click here to visit the GAMCA website.

gamca appointment

2. Booking your appointment: The official GAMCA website will open. To start booking your appointment, select the ‘Book your appointment’ tab at the center of the page.

gamca appointment

3. Registering for the GAMCA medical test: This will take you to the appointment page. You will have to provide all the necessary information mentioned here in order to book your appointment.

gamca appointment

4. Select Location: You will have to provide your location details for booking your appointment for the GAMCA test. This helps the GHC to find the medical centers in your city. Select your country and city from the list. In your case, select the country as India. Choose your city as Chennai.

gamca appointment

5. Candidate Information: Next, you will have to enter your personal information on the website. This includes details of your name, email id and passport number. This will be printed on the slip generated after booking the appointment.

gamca appointment

6. Select GCC Country: In addition, you will have to choose the country where you wish to travel or work. You can choose from any of the seven countries that are part of the GHC. The countries are UAE, Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. If you are undergoing the GAMCA test to travel to Oman, select Oman as preferred country.

gamca appointment

7. Passport Information: You are required to provide details about your passport in order to book your appointment. Enter your passport number and its expiry date in the relevant spaces.

gamca appointment

8. Select your nationality: Choose your nationality from the drop-down list provided below. In this case, you must select your nationality as ‘Indian’.

9. Visa type: Subsequently, you will have to select your visa type. If you are traveling to the Gulf in order to visit a family member or relative, select ‘Family Visa’. On the other hand, if you are traveling for work, you must select ‘Work Visa’.

10. Submit details: After providing all the information asked by the page, click on ‘Submit’.

11. Payment: After submitting all required details, a fresh page will open. This page will display your personal information. The next step is to complete the payment. The GHC applies a processing fee of $10. Complete the payment through credit card.

12. Appointment slip: Finally, after completing payment, an appointment slip will be generated. The slip contains personal information about the candidate. The center in Chennai where the test is to be undertaken is mentioned in this slip. You can take the GAMCA test only in this center. You can print this slip for reference.

GAMCA Medical centers in Chennai:

The centers where the GAMCA medical test is conducted in Chennai is available on the official GAMCA website. On the home page, select the ‘Centre List’ tab. Here, select your country as India and your city as Chennai. The website will provide you a list of all centers in Chennai where the GAMCA test is conducted.

In conclusion, following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can easily book your appointment for GAMCA test in Chennai. Just follow this article and you can generate your appointment slip at a nearby medical center in Chennai.

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