How to Find GAMCA Centres in Islamabad

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GAMCA-GCC Approved Medical Centres Association. It is also known as GCC test. The GAMCA test is very important for getting visa in some countries especially for Gulf countries. GAMCA test is a series of tests. If the GAMCA report proves you unfit then you will be banned for visa of Gulf countries for forever.

The GAMCA test held only in approved medical centres. These medical centres are spread in the whole Pakistan like- Karachi, Multan, Islamabad etc. In this article we will talk about how to find GAMCA centres in Islamabad. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and there are many GAMCA in Islamabad.

Let us talk about the general details about GAMCA in Islamabad.

GAMCA Islamabad

1. Purpose of GAMCA- The main purpose of GAMCA is show the concern of the country’s government in which you want to go for job or living. In GAMCA test the body go through several tests which check the person is fit or not at the both levels- physical and mental.

Suppose you are not fit and the country allows you to come for living or job and later on your health gets worse with the change of climate and weather, as the climate is too hot and dry in the Gulf countries.

So, just for sake your life this test is mandatory. Because when you not fit then it is better to live among your family and loved ones. And the second reason for taking the GAMCA test is the government wants to make sure will the person adjust in the new atmosphere or not?

If you are not fit then you will take a long time to adjust in the atmosphere. With the good health you can easily get fit in the new city. So, now you have known the importance and the purpose of the GAMCA test. Be careful for the procedure.

2. Things required for GAMCA- GAMCA in Islamabad the things needed are given below- 1. Original copy of passport. 2. Original copy of visa.

3. How to find GAMCA in Islamabad-

  1. First go to the Google and type- BEOE. Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment.
  2. Click on the link This is the official link for BEOE site.
  3. The home page will be opened.
  4. At the home page you will find different options.
  5. Select the option ‘Medical Centres’
  6. The list of approved medical centres will be opened region wise like- Karachi region, Peshawar region.
  7. Scroll down you will find the Islamabad/Rawalpindi region.
  8. The complete list of medical centres in Islamabad will be there.
  9. In the list you will find the GAMCA in Islamabad.
  10. You can also see your report online with the help of your GAMCA number.
  11. When you get your report contact to your employer for E-number.
  12. Register your report with E-number from the referred medical centre.
  13. Send the original report to the visa issuing authority for visa.
  14. One more important thing is that to get GAMCA number is free from charges.

3. Medical Centres- For you convenience we are providing the list of GAMCA in Islamabad, for more details click on the official site of BEOE which is

1. Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad

2. Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences, (PIMS), Islamabad

3. Kulsum cardio Center , 3rd Floor , Kusum Plaza, 42 Blue Area, Islamabad

4. G.C.C Diagnostic Caterer, 522-A, Margalla Road, F10/2, Islamabad

5. Nayab Labs and Diagnostic Center, 6, Pak Parilious Plaza , 65, EAK, Fazal-ul Haq Road , Islamabad

6. Medi Test Lab Diagnostic Center, Ground Floor Khyber Plaza , Blue Area Islamabad.

7. Mussarat Medical & Diagnostic Center ,30-B Satellite Town, Main Murree Road , Rawalpindi

8. Mumtaz Hospital , 379, Saidpur Road , Rawalpindi

9. GAMCA RAWALPINDI/ ISLAMABAD Ho. No. 4. Ist Floor, Shalvez Center, Plot No 8-C, F-8, Markaz Islamabad Tel: 051-2852117-2281736 Fax: 051-2852116 e-mail:

10. G.C.C DIAGNOSTIC CENTER (02/01/02) 522.A, Margalla Road, F-10/2, Near Saudi Consulate Islamabad. Tel: 051-2298512-3 Fax: 051-2298666

11. GULF MEDICALCENTER (02/02/02) 63/C2, Sadiqabad Chowk, Satellite Town, Rawlapindi. Tel: 051-4454662 Fax: 051-4449241

12. KHALEEJ DIAGNOSTIC CENTER (02/02/03) 283/6,Main Peshawar Road, Near Race Course Road, Rawalpindi. Tel: 0-51-5516612-5525448 Fax: 051-5586601

13. URGENT MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTER (02/02/01) 101A, Main 6th Road, Satellite Town, Murree Road , Rawalpindi Tel: 0-51-4414784-4582001 Fax: 051-4582011 e-mail:

14 SHIFA INTERNATIONAL (02/01/03) H-8/4, Islamabad. Tel: +92-514446801

4.What if a disease diagnosed- If a disease is diagnosed then you will be given a treatment for a short time. You will be asked to come for test again after a period of time. If the test report proves you normal than you are fit to go but if your report say that you will need a little bit more time or longer time for the disease treatment than you will be stated unfit. 5. Crucial Points-

  • The person should be free from all kind of allergies.
  • There should be no sign of chronic disease.
  • The person should not be suffered by any hearing problem.
  • The person’s eyesight should be compatible to the job she/he is going for.
  • The nervous system of a person should be healthy.
  • The person should be free from any kind of cancer’s tumours.
  • The person should be free from any kind of skin diseases.
  • Even the digestive system of a person should be healthy.
  • The Lungs should be healthy free from like asthma, TB patch, scars or other lung diseases.
  • The heartbeats should be normal in other words the person should be free from hypertension and hypotension.
  • The haemoglobin in the blood should not be less than 10g/100ml especially in females.
  • The person should be negative in ELISA test means she/he should be free from HIV Aids.
  • The person’s liver should be functioning in good condition.
  • The person should not be heart patient.
  • The both kidneys should be in healthy condition.
  • The person should not be the patient of Diabetes. So, the sugar level of blood should be normal.

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