How to know Many reasons of Failure in GAMCA

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Everyone is afraid of medical tests, right? And a test that decides your future is even more scary. GAMCA examination is for the people who obtain work VISA or family VISA to gulf countries. The gulf countries for which you need GAMCA fit report are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Now, when you are giving an exam that is like a ride or die, you must know reasons of failure in GAMCA.

To pass GAMCA medical examination successfully, you should first book an appointment for the examination. Once you do that, you will have a date on which you need to go for a checkup. Now, let us see how you can know many reasons for failure.

Know Reasons of Failure in GAMCA in Just 2 Steps

Step-1 Open the Website: To get to know the reasons for failure, go to the website from which you filled the form for an appointment. If you forgot it, it is for your reference.

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Step-2 Get Help: At the top of the page, there are contact details. On the top left corner of the home page itself, there is a number displayed. You can call the number and ask them your queries about failure. On the right-hand side at the top, there is an icon of WhatsApp. By clicking on that, you are directed to WhatsApp and you can text them your query.

There is also a tab of Contact. By clicking on that, you see a form. There, you just need to type your name, email ID, phone number, and any additional message that you want them to know. Once you submit this, they will receive the information and contact you accordingly. Thus, you can either take action by directly calling or wait and watch.

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What Tests Are Taken in GAMCA?

There are mainly two types of tests undertaken. One is the laboratory tests. This includes reports of your blood, sugar, hemoglobin, urine, X-ray, and pregnancy test for women. The other is the physical test, which is checking you physically. This includes a checkup of heartbeat, blood pressure, pulse rate, separate eye checkup for both eyes, checkup for color blindness, noting any major medical history, drug use, and alike.

How Can I Fail in These Tests?

In the following situations, you are likely to fail the test and the report reading unfit. You cannot go for a retest and your doors to gulf countries are shut when that happens. So, note it carefully.

  • If your Hemoglobin is low or you are Anemic.
  • If there is a presence of some contagious/infections disease.
  • Presence of Tuberculosis found in X-ray.
  • Diabetes or Hyper Tension, which is not under control.
  • Any disease of liver or kidney.
  • Major deformities or handicaps.
  • Neurological or psychiatric disease.
  • Visible skin diseases.
  • No other serious issues.

What to Do to Avoid Failure?

Now, some of the deficiencies and issues can be curable. For that, you need to know beforehand that you might face this issue in the checkup. So, firstly, get a checkup from a family doctor. See what the reports say and consult him about solving any issues. Like this, you will have an upper hand in GAMCA medical exam and you will not be nervous. You can cure what is curable before you go for actual tests.

So, follow the steps and get help whenever needed. Do not stay in confusion and do not take any risk. Be sure of your fitness before you go for the real tests. To clarify, it is about your future. So, book online GAMCA medical test appointment after you are sure of your fitness.


GAMCA medical test is a common medical test as per GCC medical laws, for going to any GCC country on a work visa. Before going any Gulf countries, you have to be clear GCC Medical test. It’s not so easy as you think. If you once unfit in this test you will be ban for the lifetime to get any work visa for Gulf countries. gcc medical guide GCC medical guide[/caption] So, as per our previous article How to pass GAMCA Successfully? I got a lot of comment regarding GCC medical problems and realize some of the common problems most people are facing during GAMCA test. That why I decided to collect all common problems and write their solutions in a single post. It will be more helpful for you. Now I am going to discuss those issues.

GCC Medical Guidelines

What is GAMCA?

GAMCA means “GCC Approved Medical Centers Association”. You have to be clear GAMCA medical test to work in GCC countries.

Why GAMCA necessary for gulf countries?

To protect from any outer diseases and increase work output, Gulf countries decided to take GAMCA Medical test before come to their countries for Work.

What is the difference between GAMCA test and GCC test?

No any difference both are same.

Should I call them to GAMCA Office to book GAMCA appointment?

No, you will have to go physically with your original Passport to book GAMCA Appointment.

How much time would it take to complete GAMCA test?

After taking GAMCA token, it will take one day to complete the medical process.

How much time will take to receive GAMCA test report?

Generally 2-3 days it depends on your GCC clinic.

Will the doctors send my medical test report to the embassy or I would have to carry it?

No, Doctor will not send your report to the embassy directly. Someone needs to be involved in between.

How much would it cost me for Saudi Arabia?

For all countries, different- Different fees are there. You can check here.

Will this be completed in one day?

Yes, All your medical processes can complete in one day If you go early morning, But you can’t get your medical report on the same day.

What will happen if I will unfit in GAMCA?

Once you unfit in GAMCA medical test then you will ban for the life time. You can’t go to GCC Countries on a work visa.

If once I got unfit in GCC tests for Qatar, can I get the work visa for the United Arab Emirates without GCC test?

Yes, you can get the work visa for UAE. Till now for UAE, GAMCA medical test is not required. But another medical test is there. You have to clear that test to go to UAE.

If I pass GAMCA Medical test for Saudi Arabia, unfortunately, my plan is canceled now I have to go to Kuwait then Same GAMCA will work there?

No, It will not work there. You have to go for another GCC medical test for the respective country.

I have been all ready GAMCA test and also fit, but my Visa issuing is fail then, can I do GAMCA test again within 15 days?

No, once you did you GCC medical test. Then after 3 months you can go for another GCC medical test.

After how many months I can go for another GAMCA test? Or How many month gaps will be there in GAMCA medical test?

A list 3-month gap is required as per GAMCA Laws.

IS GAMCA fees are different for all gulf countries?

Yes. Check here GAMCA medical fees

I’m a physical handicap. Is any chance to get a job in Gulf countries?

Many times Gulf Companies organize job fair only for physical handicapped.

I am chain smoker may I clear GCC test? Please clarify?

I can’t say anything. It will be clear after the medical test. But Your chest and lung should not contain any type of spot.

I want to know that I have only one hydrocele and I want to go Kuwait can I clear the GAMCA test?

As per GCC medical laws, it’s not a problem. You can clear GCC medical.

My right hydrocele is swelling. Can I pass GCC medical test?

hydrocele swelling will create a problem for you. So I advise you don’t go for GCC medical in this situation. Get good medical treatment then go.

I need to know whether we need a visa compulsory while applying for GAMCA Medical test?

No. Visa is not necessary for GAMCA. Only original passport is enough.

Sir my legs some curve. And not gap too much between 2 knees. During walking time, not any problems. Can I go for medical?

If you walking normally. So, it’s not a problem. You can go for GCC medical.

I want to know is GAMCA required for Dubai or not?

Yes, Now GAMCA is required for Dubai.

If my one of the eye is blank and another eye vision is 6/6. Will it create any problem during GCC medical test?

It will create a problem for you. Better consult any GCC doctor.

What minimum age is required for GAMCA medical test?

For GCC countries, your age should be minimum 22 years. Still you have any other issue. you can ask in below comment section. I will try to help you. If you found this Article Useful for you, Like our Facebook page for more useful Articles.

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