How to Unlock Redmi Note 3 Pattern

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Nowadays, may users use and recommend pattern lock on their smart phones for security and privacy. Pattern lock is said to be more secured lock than the swipe lock. However, if someone other than you who don't know the pattern to unlock your Redmi note 3 and try to hack/use it by entering the wrong pattern on your Redmi note 3 more than 5 times.

 your phone can get locked. it may show you that it will be unlocked after around two hours but in some cases it can be even longer or forever. Here we are going to explain how to unlock your Redmi note 3 pattern lock.

By using Mi Cloud - For this method to work you need an Internet connection.

  1. Since this method uses internet connection, turn on the Mobile data or Wi-Fi. This can be done on your locked phone.
  2. From another device login to your Mi account with your registered email and password.

(If you don’t know your email id and password, use method 2)

  1. Once signed in to the Mi account you will get an option –Find Device.
  2. Select your device and turn the switch on the left top corner to online. Now on the screen, you will be able to see a GPS and the location of your Redmi note 3.

Note: You can also locate your Redmi note 3 if you have lost or forgotten it somewhere.

  1. At the bottom of the screen, you will get some options, select wipe device.
  2. On the next screen, you will be asked for a confirmation as in this process you will lose your data, but since we need to unlock the phone – Click On’ wipe’.
  3. Your Redmi note 3 will now be switched off and all the data will be wiped including the pattern lock and your phone will be unlocked.

This procedure does take 15-20 minutes depending on the storage of your phone.

By Pressing Volume up Button + Power Button

  1. Switch off your Redmi note 3. You may want to remove the SIM card and the SD card.
  2. Press Volume up + power button. MI logo will appear on the screen. This may take a few seconds.
  3. Hold the volume up button until the recovery mode opens. You can select your preferred language on this screen.
  4. Once you are in recovery mode. Now you will not be able to use the touchpad on your Redmi note 3. Use the volume button to go up and down and power button to select a chosen option.
  5. Your screen will have few options, from the recovery screen choose ‘Wipe and Reset’. Remember that you will need to toggle between options using the volume key and select using the power key. Once you have selected Wipe and reset -it will ask again and provide few options
  6. Choose Wipe All data and this should start the hard reset process of Redmi note 3 and will Restore Factory settings.
  7. You will be asked again if you wish to proceed. Choose ‘Yes’ on the screen by using the power button to confirm. Recovery mode will start and will hard reset your Redmi note 3.
  8. Start your phone in normal mode once the process completes. It does take about 15 minutes and can take more or less time depending upon the data in your phone

In both the methods of unlocking your Redmi note 3 pattern your data will be lost and your phone will be restored to how it was when you first bought it. 

If you have not installed any custom recovery your data will be lost as we would need to wipe all the data from your phone in order to unlock it. 

Also, you can try to root your phone but that process also needs you to get approval and the approval takes around 15-20 days.

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