How to Take Screenshot in Redmi Mobiles

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Redmi mobiles phones have become really popular in last few years and are the first choice for a lot of users because it is cost effective and have lots of brilliant features. Their fascinating technology and features make it worth a buy. 

Some very attractive features are offered by Redmi phones like its unique screenshot feature.

There are many ways in which you can take a screenshot on Redmi phones like volume down + power button  , three finger swipe feature and its all new scroll/long screenshot  and more Here we are going to explain 5 easy ways to take screenshot on your Redmi mobile phones. Let us take a look at quick glance at each option step by step

Volume Down Button + Power Button

Step-1: On the right of you Redmi phone  , you will need to press the power button and volume button. 

Step-2: Volume button is the bigger among both and you will need to press the lower portion of that button as if you are turning down the volume. 

Step-3: Touching both those buttons simultaneously will let you take a Redmi screenshot.

Menu Key + Volume down Button

In some of the models the menu button or Menu Key which is on the front screen just below the touch screen and the volume down button also allows you to a Redmi screenshot. 

This function is very similar to other smart phones. However there are more ways and some fantastic features like scroll screenshot and Redmi screenshot button in settings (and quick settings) and three finger swipes Redmi screenshot has also been introduced by Redmi for Redmi screenshots.

Screenshot button /key in slide down settings options

  1. Open the screen/window that you want to capture and slide down the screen.
  2. In the quick settings area of your phone, you should have a screenshot button, it is a default button in Redmi phones for taking screenshots along with mobile data/Bluetooth etc.
  3. If you do not see the screenshot button it is quite possible that is far in the queue of buttons and you will need to bring it up front or at a good location so it is easily accessible.

Three Finger Quick ball setting to take Screenshot

  1. Go to Settings > Additional setting > Quick ball >slide three fingers to take a screenshot > make the button on the right to green which means that you have activated that feature .
  2. Once you have switched that feature on taking  a Redmi screenshot will always be very easy .
  3. Open the screen that you want to capture and swipe three fingers across the screen and screenshot will be saved in the gallery and before that just for a blink it will be displayed on right corner.

Scrolling Screenshot / Long Redmi screenshot

  1. By using any of the method above for taking a screenshot from your Redmi phone the result will be displayed on the right corner of your screen and a notification will be seen at the very top saying screenshot saved.
  2. By clicking/tapping on that Redmi gives you an instant access to few buttons including the one called Scroll.
  3. Once you tap on the scroll button the screen /window or any document that you are capturing is captured in entirety and is not limited to only what is seen on the screen unlike other options.

This is a new Redmi screenshot feature added to latest Redmi phones. Last but not the least - this comes as a bonus - without pressing any button. If you have activated your Google assistant on your Redmi phone or any other smart phone that can also help you take a screenshot on the command of your voice without pressing any button as it is a voice recognition system.

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