How to do Best Camera Setting in Redmi Phones

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Most of the Redmi phones come with 5 Mega pixel front camera and 12-13 Mega pixel Primary Camera with an exception of Redmi 4 and Redmi 5 with the front camera with 16 megapixels and primary camera of 13 megapixels.

Redmi Camera Settings

Redmi has come up with many powerful models and features, however, the feedback related to Redmi series about the resolution, picture quality and optical resolution has not always been very positive. It could be because of numerous reasons that the results of the pictures are not good or up to the mark. But one can always tweak the settings to get the optimum results like by updating the picture mode, composition, frame of the picture, picture quality, exposure settings etc. Here we are going to explain how to get best camera settings on your Redmi Phone.

1. Updating to best setting for the Redmi phone Camera – Still photographs

First Update that one can probably make is to how and where to save the images. Since the Phone or device memory is usually not very high, preferred storage space should be the extended memory or SD card.

2. How to Updated the camera setting on your SD card to save to SD card –

  • Open the camera on your Redmi phone
  • Go to Mode, and then go to settings
  • If you have an SD card, turn on ‘Save to SD Card.’

Three things that help to take a good photograph is light, camera exposure and composition. By Grid lines in your photos, one can affect how someone views the image. One can use different types of line, to enhance the photography composition and catch the eyes of viewers

3. How to improve the Composition by enabling Grid lines

  • Open the camera on your Redmi phone.
  • Go to Mode, and then go to settings.
  • If you want to improve composition, enable ‘Show Grid Lines.’

Note: The grids or grid lines do not appear in photos but do affect the overall look and feel of the picture)

4. How to Update Picture Quality and Resolution?

Usually, not all cameras are set to take a high-quality picture. One should always check camera settings to make sure that pictures are clicked at maximum resolution and that picture or image quality is set to high.

  • Open the camera on your Redmi phone
  • Go to Mode, and then go to settings
  • Now set ‘Picture Quality’ to ‘High.’
  • Set ‘Camera Frame’ to ‘4:3’ that will update the resolution to the maximum.

5. How to Update the Image Exposure?

Most cameras in smartphones give a general “exposure” or compensating setting. Image exposure really means the shutter time and the possibility of the passing through of light through the camera lens. Both these factors affect results of the image.  More the light brighter the picture would be. Updating the settings will help to get better results

  • Open the camera on your Redmi phone
  • Go to Mode, and then go to settings
  • Set ‘Auto Exposure Settings’ as ‘Frame Average.’ It should improve the quality.

One should always leave the ‘Contrast’ & ‘Saturation’ to ‘Normal’. As that would hardly make any improvement and all it can really do is make the image look fake and unnatural.

6. Updating the setting for the Redmi phone Video Camera

For the video quality, all the above settings should also help but some video camera settings are also necessary. So apart from this one should also update video quality to high definition. Another key factor while shooting a video is that the focus may shift if the settings are not to set to Continuous Focus. Continuous focus is setting in the smart phone video camera that allows to keep the moving objects in focus. Perform following steps to update setting for video camera

  • Go to Camera in your Redmi phone
  • Choose the video camera option
  • Click on ‘Modes’
  • Go to Settings Then Set ‘Video Quality’ to ‘Full HD.’
  • Set the Focus Mode to CAF (Continuous Auto Focus). It keeps the object in focus in videos.

These are the best camera setting for Redmi phone. For sure these best camera setting on Redmi can drastically improve the picture quality and performance of your Redmi phone camera! If trying to take a slow-motion picture remember to keep the Video quality to only HD that really helps. Keep a steady hand or keep the phone on a stage equal to your eye level to achieve crisp and non-blur images.


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