How to Update Redmi Phones

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An update on your Redmi phone can be of two types- Software/application update or OS update. In both the cases, an update is triggered to your Redmi phone and the user is asked to update the app or software by following the prompts. 

The process of updating software/application or operating system is very similar however both of these updates do completely different things. 

While one updates an application upgraded by the developer and you only see the change in that particular app, on the other hand, software upgrade and its effects impacts largely.

A software update would mean that a software that was used to run some or all functions of your note phone has released a new updated version and Redmi wants to use the latest version. Here we are going to explain how to get update Redmi phones

Update Redmi phone through the updater app. – OTA

OTA stands for off the air – This means that the updated has been pushed to your mobile by Developer and all you have to do is install it.

Updating your phone when update is available in Updater app

Points to Remember -

  • One should be connected to the internet.
  • You should have more than 30% of battery
  • You are recommended to take the back of your data.

Check for any update available in the updater app.

  • Click on the updater app
  • Check for new software update
  • If an update is available, click on download and let it download to your mobile phone.

Updating your phone when update is available under ‘About Phone’

  • Go to Setting 
  • Click to General settings
  • Go to ‘About phone’
  • Under ‘About phone’, check for any system updates
  • If there is an update, click on check update.
  • Click on download and let the software get updated to the latest version.

What to do when update is not available under updater app or system update There could be many reasons why the update is available on your phone yet and not all the reasons can be known to us but few definitely are, like their schedule Check this link to find out if your Redmi phone is scheduled to be updated and when - Check out another very important link from where you can download the updated version MIUI-9 -

Update Redmi phone through the updater app. – OTA

There may be a chance that you still have not got the update automatically if you wish to download manually then follow the below steps Open the link from this webpage for the device you own Page looks like this, in the screenshot below the link is for device Redmi 2; you can open the one that suits you There are two links available for each device – Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM. Recovery ROM is for ones that use Beta package ads fast boot is for ones that have a Stable package.

  • Choose the correct link and open and download it.
  • Open updater app, click on three dots on the top right corner
  • Look for your updated package, it should be under download of the browser 
  • Select the package that you downloaded
  • The system will ask for a reboot 
  • Reboot the device and your Redmi will be updated to MIUI 9.

Same steps can be followed when trying a different update too.

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