How to Setup Fingerprint Sensor in Redmi

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Fingerprint sensor in Redmi is the latest lock technology; it is used to enhance the security and safety of the owner of phone and its data. Fingerprints are unique just like the DNA of an individual. 

So what this means is if one sets up the fingerprinting lock in their phone, nobody else will be able to unlock it. Fingerprints and thumb impression are kind of personal identification mark just like DNA. This article describes the method to setup fingerprint sensor in Redmi. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi Redmi phone offers the fingerprint sensors. The phones with fingerprint scanners have become really common and popular. 

Fingerprints can also be used to unlock particular apps in your phone. Here we are going to explain how to setup Fingerprint sensor in your Redmi phone -

Updating your phone’s fingerprint sensor on you and Lock

Points to Remember -

  • Your hand should not be wet while unlocking the phone
  • If you have an alternate lock option switched on in your phone, you will need to turn it off. As other option will now just work as back up.

How can one Add and Manage Fingerprints sensor

1.  The fingerprint sensor in Redmi phones sensor is located at the back of the phone just   below the rear camera. 

2. Open Settings of your phone from the menu. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi 

3. Go to “Lock screen & Password”  Select “Screen lock & fingerprint”. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi 

4. Select add fingerprint option setup fingerprint sensor in redmi 

5. you will be asked to setup a backup password, PIN, or pattern. This is needed and will come handy in case the device fails to unlock with your fingerprints. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi 

6. A screen will pop, one needs to register their fingerprint. Place your finger on the scanner (just below the camera). You will need move your finger and pose it several times for successful registration. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi 

7. The scanner tries to capture the full scan from all directions. 8. After the process completes a confirmation message will be seen on your Redmi Phone. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi In the similar fashion one can setup fingerprint lock for particular applications. The fingerprinting scanner can also be used to take selfies. One can double tap on the sensor to click a picture.

Solving issues with fingerprint lock:

There may be an issue when you will not see the fingerprint option under ‘Lock screen & Password’. This happens when you already have some sought of Lock set up on your phone. So all you will need to do is turn off the lock and then reboot your Redmi Phone. Let’s look at this step by 

1. Open Settings of your phone from the menu. 

2. Go to “Lock screen & Password”  Select “Screen lock & fingerprint”. setup fingerprint sensor in redmi 

3. If you ‘DO NOT’ see Fingerprint option , then Go to ‘Set Screen Lock’ 

4. You will be asked to enter your pattern for confirmation. 

5. Another screen will pop up  Select Turn off lock 

6. Another screen will pop and will ask for confirmation Click ‘OK’ 

7. Reboot the phone after the completion of above said process. 

8. Once your phone restarts you will be able to see. the ‘screen Lock and fingerprint’. 

9. Follow the steps outlined earlier to set up the fingerprint lock If you want to hard reset your Redmi phone click on the link provided. Also, If you want to know how to get best camera settings click on the link.

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