How to Download Movies in uTorrent

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You must have heard a lot about Torrent downloads and getting movies from uTorrent, right? Well, let us learn how to download movies in uTorrent. For that, you need to install uTorrent on a laptop. Once you do that, your task will become fairly easy.

You will just have to search for a torrent file from the internet and the uTorrent app will do its job. So, let's learn how exactly that works.

Download Movies in uTorrent in just 4 Steps

Step-1 Search on Google: First of all, switch to a VPN before starting the search. While using uTorrent and downloading torrent files, you must use VPN services. There are many free VPN networks available. You can choose the one with good ratings and reviews.

  • After switching to VPN, search for the movie you want and add uTorrent at the end.
  • Let the search results load.
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Step-2 Download Torrent Link: Now, the search engine will give you multiple torrent links. You will have to browse the search engine results to locate a proper torrent file.

  • What you can do is, look for the file and read its details. How many seeders and leechers are there in the file is an important detail.
  • The number of seeders will tell you how many people have downloaded that particular movie and are now allowing other peers to download from their devices.
  • The number of leechers will tell you how many people are downloading that particular file.
  • Next read the name of the file, its size, and all such details to make sure you are not downloading some irrelevant file.
  • Click on the download option and select the quality as per your choice. If there is no download button, there will be a magnet icon.
  • Click on any of that and download the torrent link.
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Step-3 Double Click and Click on OK: Now, there can be two possibilities here.

  • The first one is after the download is complete, the browser might ask you if you want to open it with uTorrent. This happens when the app is already running on your device.
  • Secondly, you need to go to the downloads folder of your PC. Double click on the torrent file you downloaded.
  • A dialogue box as shown below will open up. After that, you need to click on OK.
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Step-4 It will Start Downloading: By clicking on OK, the uTorrent app will start extracting the original movie from various sources available in the torrent file. It will extract the movie either from one server if available wholly in one place. Or it will download bits and parts from various seeders. You just need to wait and let the download finish.

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Thus, once the downloading process is complete, you can access your movie and watch it. Do not forget to scan the file for malware and viruses before you start watching it.

Is It Ethical?

Well, in most countries, it is not legal to download copyright content that you haven't paid for. So, it can be unethical and risky. There is even a threat to malware and to your privacy. So, it must be used with caution. You can use VPN, use a good web security scanner, and always check the file details before downloading. To clarify again, you can use this method if you are responsible enough, so do not worry. This is because many people have been accessing content like this.

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