How to Delete File From uTorrent

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Are you using the uTorrent application to download and access your torrent files? Then you must be seeing a list of torrents while opening the application. Well, you can delete files from uTorrent if the list becomes too long. How will it help you?

  • Well, on deleting the files, your uTorrent application will not look clustered.
  • You can easily locate the files that you want to reuse or redownload.
  • This will also clear the history of all content you have downloaded if you wish to maintain secrecy.
  • If you are suspicious of malware coming along with some torrent files, you can delete them so that they do not affect your device.

Now, let us guide you through a step-by-step process to delete files in the application.

Delete Files From uTorrent: 4 Steps

Try to do these steps along so that you are not lost while using the application of uTorrent.

Step-1 Open uTorrent App in Mobile: Firstly, you will need to open the application of uTorrent. The green icon with a 'u' in the center is its logo. Click on that and let the application launch.

Image titled delete file from uTorrent Step 1

Step-2 Long Press to Select: From the list of all the previous torrents, choose the one you want to delete.

  • You need to long-press on the specific file.
  • When you long press, you select it. It is indicated by the green tick box on the left side of the file.
  • You can even select multiple files to delete at once.
  • Go further once the selection of files is done.

Image titled delete file from uTorrent Step 2

Step-3 Click on Delete Icon: You must recognize the dustbin shape of the delete icon, right? When you select the files, some icons will appear at the top of the screen. You need to click on the delete icon from there.

Image titled delete file from uTorrent Step 3

Step-4 Click Delete to Confirm: By clicking on the delete icon, a dialogue box appears at the center of the screen. Click on delete here too to delete files from uTorrent.

Image titled delete file from uTorrent Step 4

What About My Downloaded Files?

Well, it depends on your choice. If you want to keep the files in your downloads then you can choose to do so. When the confirmation dialogue box appears for deleting, there is an option reading 'and downloaded files'. You can look at the last image above for example.

Now, there is a checkbox beside this option. Keep it checked if you do not want any torrent downloaded files on your device. However, if you want the downloads, uncheck the checkbox. Simple. Like this, you can choose to either keep or not keep the downloaded files. You can delete just the torrents or torrents and files both.

What If I Delete files from uTorrent that were Important?

If you delete some important torrent, you will have to re-download it. You can check the recycle bin of your device if you downloaded that file before deleting it. There are also file recovery software available if you want to try them. But, re-downloading it will be an easier option.

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