If you have registered your vehicle outside Karnataka then be prepared to pay road tax (again) in Karnataka. The road tax is nothing but a tax that you will pay to use your vehicle in an Indian state. 

So if you are going to use your vehicle in two states then you will pay tax in both the states. This tax is once in a lifetime tax for a state. 

The transport department has started collecting the road tax. You might be thinking that you are an outsider and it would be a very painful process to pay the tax but don't worry, we are here to help you out and make this process a bit painless. road tax in Bangalore Before preceding to pay the tax, make sure that you have following documents with you without which you would be just running around RTO offices: 

Document required for road tax in Bangalore

  1. Vehicle Registration Papers
  2. Vehicle Insurance Papers
  3. Address Proof
  4. Vehicle Purchase Invoice.

Road Tax in Bangalore - Steps to be Followed

1. Choose any RTO office nearby your office/home location. This will help you to reach RTO office early to complete your process in minimal time. Also if you forget any document then you can travel back to get that. 

2. Calculate exact tax amount: First of all you need to know the exact tax amount to be paid. The tax amount depends on your Vehicle invoice amount, vehicle age and cubic capacity. 

Usually, it is around 10% of the invoice amount. Look for the counter where this calculation is done. 

3. Fill the road tax form: After this, you need to fill up the road tax form number KMVT 14. You can get this form from a counter or download from RTO website to save time. 

This form gets your personal details such as your name, address along with your vehicle details. 

Fill this form without filling the amount and submit on the same counter. A counter official will fill the amount. 

4. Deposit the amount on Cash counter: After this, Go to cash counter and deposit the amount mentioned on your form. You can deposit the amount through cash or bank DD mode. 

If the tax amount exceeds INR 3000 then you need to pay through DD only. The DD should be in the favor of “RTO Bangalore” You will get two receipts. 

One of the slip has to be submitted to counter where you got the from KMVT 14. 

Points to Remember:

Point 1: RTO officials might ask you to submit NOC your vehicle as your vehicle is not registered in Karnataka. 

But NOC is NOT required for paying road tax. It only required if you are applying for Karnataka Registration Plate or transferring ownership of your vehicle. 

Point 2: You can stay in Banglore for as long as one month without paying road tax. Also, you can ride your bike for next 11 months only. 

After 11 months you need to take Karnataka Registration plate. 

Point 3: Reach RTO office in morning time i.e. Around 10 am so that you can make complete the process in a day’s time. 

Point 4: Before going to any RTO office, please read FAQs on Karnataka Government’s Transport website (https://transport.karnataka.gov.in/index.php/faq/show). 

This will help you to resolve any query that was not addressed in this article. In case of any query, you can reach on this email: proctr-trans- ka@nic.in