How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Bangalore

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Marriage is the life-changing moment for a man and woman. Usually, people conduct a grand ceremony for the marriage. But, grand ceremony in a marriage hall alone cannot give you powers legally on your marriage. 

Also, some government schemes require marriage certificate in Bangalore. So, you have to register your marriage with the nearest sub-register office. 

In Bangalore city, online application going to be rolled out soon. A survey says it about only 20% of the marriages are registered. marriage certificate in Bangalore Now you can only get the form online using the link described below. That form can be printed out to fill in the details of the bride and groom early before going to the register office.

This saves the time for the married couple in the register office. Government is taking steps to make it complete online registration using Aadhaar number.

Documents Required

You need to submit the documents provide below while going for registration. Copies have to be self-attested by bride or groom

  1. 2 Photograph of the marriage function with bride and groom with both family members.
  2. 2 Photographs of passport size.
  3. Form for the application of marriage
  4. Address proof of the bride and groom (Voter ID, Aadhaar, passport)
  5. Proof of Age (Birth certificate or SSLC certificate)
  6. Proof of identity (Voter id, PAN card, Passport,)
  7. Printed wedding card
  8. Affidavit for both bride and groom
  9. Aadhar card


  • Groom having age of at least 21
  • Bride having age of at least 18

Witness needed:

You need three witnesses to complete the registration. Close relations of bride or groom are preferred 

Fee: Rs. 5 for the application and Rs. 10 for the certificates.

Procedure for Marriage Registration

  1. Have a visit to registrar office, in the groom’s or bride’s jurisdiction. You can choose the nearest sub-register from the offices from this.
  2. Fill the application form. You can get the application form from here.
  3. With the documents as mentioned above, appear before the registrar.
  4. Let the witness sign in the documents.
  5. That will finish the procedure to get the marriage certificate in Bangalore. Now a couple of copies of the certificate will be given to the wedding couple.

This existing method is time-consuming. When the government rolls out the online registration system, using Aadhaar card, fraudulent persons getting multiple time marrying can be stopped.

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