How to Apply Ration Card Online in Bangalore

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Ration card is important document proof you need. Also, you need the ration card to avail the food supplies from the ration shop. You will need ration card if you apply for other documents like voter id, domicile certificate, etc. 

You are eligible to apply for a new ration card if you fall under one of the following categories.

  • Expired ration card
  • Newly married couple
  • Families, which don’t have ration card

Documents needed

The only document you need is the Aadhaar card of the all the members of the family.

Point to consider while applying for ration card

  1. Visit the nearest kiosk at Bangalore one or Karnataka one.
  2. All the people in the family must accompany the applicant to verify Aadhaar with biometric scanning.
  3. Details in the Aadhaar card, like candidate name, address, Mobile number, age, sex will be copied from your Aadhaar to your ration card.
  4. At least one person’s Aadhaar card should match with the address mentioned in the application.
  5. You can choose any fair price shop within your Taluk.
  6. All the members of the family better go together. Otherwise, you have pay Rs. 50 for every person for applying individually.
  7. Eldest female member of the family will be assigned the head of the household.
  8. The applicant will receive SMS updates while processing the application.
  9. The ration card will be sent to your address, via speed post and you have to pay Rs. 70 to the postman.

Procedure for Applying Online

1. Visit the site will be shown the language option, choose the one for your convenience. then select "e-services" in the menu Ration Card Bangalore 

Now hover your mouse cursor on e-Ration card, one new menu will open, Then click on "New Ration Card" Ration Card Bangalore Next, this page will open, follow the steps ration card Bangalore

2. Choose to apply for new card option. ration card Bangalore

3. Enter your Aadhaar card number. ration card Bangalore

4. Choose the mode of verification by OTP. If you have already linked your Aadhaar card to your mobile number, you choose the OTP verification. 

If not, go for the biometric verification which needs fingerprint sensor attached to the computer. Biometric verification is available with the cyber cafes. 

In this article, I am going to walk you through the OTP method of verifying the Aadhaar enrolment. ration card Bangalore

5. Enter the OTP number while you can see the member’s name in the space below ‘enter OTP’ box. Add members one by one using the add option shown in the bottom right of the screen. ration card Bangalore

6. If your Aadhaar number is linked with some other ration card, you have to delete the duplicate by clicking on the ‘yes’ button shown. ration card Bangalore

7. You can change the relationship with the members you are adding. The eldest female in the family will be selected as the Head of the Family(HOF). ration card Bangalore

8. If you want to add and delete a member, you can do it by clicking on the Add/Delete option in the lower right corner. ration card Bangalore

9. After adding all the members, click on next stage and check the options of address shown. ration card Bangalore

10. Select the Fair Price Departments shop, in the options shown. ration card Bangalore

11. If you have selected the shop, then click on the next stage option. ration card Bangalore

12. You will be prompted to select a city or Panchayat, according to the selection of urban and rural areas. ration card Bangalore

13. Select the head of the family by opening the drop-down menu at the bottom. ration card Bangalore

14. Confirm the details, and click on generate ration card option. ration card Bangalore

15. Your e-ration card will look like in the one in this picture. You can print it out. ration card Bangalore

What is Nonpriority household

Ration card has two types in Karnataka. One is Below Poverty Line(BPL), and Above Poverty line(APL). Currently, the names have been changed BPL as a priority card and APL as a nonpriority card. Priority cardholders can get the rice for Rs. 3 and wheat for Rs. 2 per kilogram.

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