How to apply for Schengen Visa from Bangalore

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Schengen Visa hope you have heard these words before. what is Schengen visa? It is the visa which gives you the freedom to travel through more than one country of Schengen group with only one visa. Schengen group have 26 countries and In this case, you don’t have to apply for different countries through your journey. schengen visa bangalore 

we will explain the procedure, how to apply for Schengen visa from India. There are different embassies in India and you must have known where to apply. 

The Schengen group has outsourced an Indian company named VFS for the visa works. So if you are applying for the Schengen visa then VFS will help you. 

Now let's talk how to apply for Schengen visa from Bangalore. Suppose you are applying for Schengen visa to French embassy, now have a look at the process-

Schengen VISA for INDIANS | How to Apply | Documents

Document Required for Schengen Visa Bangalore

Application forms: The visa application forms filled with blue pen and two photocopies of the form. 

Four photos: 4 passport size photos with the black background. The photos will be of last 6 months. 

Passport: Your passport with two blank pages and its validity must of later 3 months of your stay in the Schengen country. 

Purpose Later: A letter in which you have to mention your visit purpose and duration with the sign. 

Journey Proof: You have to submit the proof of the hotel bookings, journey route plans and confirmed return flight tickets. 

Proof of income: Proof of economy-salary slip, bank statement, income tax receipt etc. 

Travel insurance: Travel insurance from Schengen approved Indian travel insurance company. 

PAN card: A photocopy of pan card.

Step 1: Know your visa type

Before applying to Schengen visa your purpose of visit should be clear.  There are many types of visa to visit Schengen country. you have to apply as per your requirement. for example, you visit purpose Could be following

  • Business
  • Medical Treatment
  • Tourist
  • Visit to your family and friends
  • Fair exhibitor
  • Nuclear Scientist
  • Guest Scientist/Visiting Scholar
  • Airport transit
  • Religious events
  • Sports
  • Film Crew

So decide your visa type is the first step to getting Schengen visa.

Step 2: How to apply for Schengen visa 

Respected country Embassy or consulate will provide the Schengen visa where you want to travel. 

That's why you should check your visit plans before going to applying. To apply for Schengen visa you can go directly but there are limited numbers of appointments for direct submission, it dependent on availability. 

Second and best option is take online appointment before going. after taking online appointment go there fill the form and submit. 

Applicants are recommended to fill in their Schengen visa application form (Type A, and C) on Videx

Submission process: Travelers can personally submit their application form or you can also send through the representative with authorization form and valid photo ID proof. 

You can also submit your visa application directly at the "Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany" 2nd and 3rd Floor, Cash Pharmacy Building, St.Mark’s Road/Residency road junction Bangalore 560025

Step 3: After the submission 

After a successful submission, you can track your Schengen visa status.

Some important points about Schengen Visa Banglore

Point 1- First you should know that if you are applying for Schengen visa from Bangalore then the VFS visa application center is available in Bangalore and also in Hyderabad or you can check on the VFS official website

Details of Bangalore visa application center- No 21, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore 560052 Tel: +91 80 22141200 

Point 2- The second thing you should know that because of increasing no. of Schengen visa from Bangalore centre has started a new service that is called ‘Premium Service Lounge’ which is serving from 19th 0ctober, 2015. 

What is Premium Lounge Service- It is a service in which the following things are included-

  • It will offer you refreshments.
  • It will offer a separate lounge named with this service by providing staff for this service only.
  • It will offer you the facilities for photocopy and photo at the centre by providing booths for it.
  • In this, you will get SMS related to your application status.
  • In this, your passport will be returned back via courier.
  • This will offer you a faster process of your visa application.

Fee - The premium lounge service will charge you 1250 rupees per person and but that doesn’t mean you have to pay only this. 

The visa fee application and the VFS visa service charges are also there. The visa application fee varies by age group and your purpose of visit. 

Point 3- Then you have to fill the application form which is available on VFS site and take an appointment to submit the form and documents. In case, you will not able to attend appointment then cancel it and reschedule it. 

You can book an appointment through this official link of VFS Details related to canceling an appointment- 

Tel no. +91 22 67866014 You can call on Monday to Friday between 8:00 am -05:00 pm. 

Point 4- After submitting the papers you will be called for interview. If you are the first timer then it is mandatory for you. 

At the interview be humble and try to convince the visa officer that your purpose of visiting is good. 

Here were the basic details if you want to know more about Schengen visit from Bangalore VFS official site

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