How to Order Food Online in Bangalore

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The food delivery market has really changed over a period of time. This market has really expanded and grown in last few years. Having an online presence is the way to go when it really comes to expanding the customer base & in turn boosting the profits and turnover. 

Not just for business and profits, online food order in Bangalore and other cities is also very important for the general public as it is very convenient and very attractive for buyers for many reasonsOnline food order in bangalore

Reasons for opting for online food ordering in Bangalore

  • It’s just a click away; with smart phones the smart way of ordering food is the choice or many.

Online food order in bangalore

  •  It’s fast, easy and comfortable; in the scorching summer no one likes to go out to get food especially when it is available online.
  •  No seating hassles and waiting for parking.
  • Extended availability as online food order in Bangalore is available 24/7.
  • Overall it is hassle free for the business and buyers.

Here we will give few ways in which one can order food online in Bangalore 

1. FreshMenu – It is quite an attractive option that offers Italian and Thai food. Their pasta, Thai curries and quesadillas are very famous. . The FreshMenu website is also very attractive. The price is very affordable and makes this option a great hit among the foodies. 

2. Swiggy - With its great presence in the market and good marketing strategy Swiggy has become a well known food tech company. So basically a good idea and great service offered in almost all metro cities. 

It is not a restaurant but delivery services from different restaurants from around the cityOnline food order in bangalore   Swiggy has delivery bikes and delivery boys that take your order, place it at the restaurant, picks up your food and delivers it to your house . 

So you can call up at one place and order different variety of food from breakfast to dinner snacks and sweets. Anything that one can think of is available. 

3. Faasos - Faasos has also started its online service; they do not serve proper and full meals but more of snacks/ side dishes and rolls. The rolls are quite decent, juicy and delicious. 

They offer quick and fast food delivery. They have dedicated delivery service and also in-house eating option. With Parantha and Poha, it makes an ideal breakfast option for ordering food online in Bangalore. 

4. Slurpyn – Slurpyn is also a very good option recommended and loved by many people of Bangalore. They serve and deliver decent quantity. The Prices are also affordable. Food tastes like home cooked food. It is easy on pocket, quick and fast. 

5. EatonGo - EatonGo is also an option for quick side dishes like salads, chaats, and burgers. They offer quick 30 minutes delivery. For chola kulcha and more brekfast option EatonGo is a good option that is economical for quick bite.a 

6. Bhukkad – Their USP is their packaging. They offer very economical sandwich meals and finger foods. They offer many different café meals that one can order online without any hassle. Food is delivered hot and fresh. Online food order in bangalore7. Cookaroo – Cookaroo offers north Indian meals. It is a good option for online food order in Bangalore. 

8. FitGo - As the name suggests FitGo offers food that is high in nutrition. Like Spinach inclusive food and fruit juices and salads. Economical choice and good and healthy option for online food orders in Bangalore. 

9. EatFresh – They offer continental chef prepared meals, packaged nicely in spill proof containers. They serve hot and fresh food. 

10. 48 East – Fast food joint that delivers to your door step without any additional cost. It offers some nice flavors. It offers Baos, Chinese noodles and dimsums. When you are on a look out for something different this place can offer different than usual falvors. 

11. Brekkie – specialized in breakfasts that are Indian and continental. Not too expensive quick delivery. 

12. Hunter box- Another food joint that offers salads and wraps. 

13. Oh My Goodness – They offer some really yummy and delicious range of cold coffees and milkshakes. In the scorching sun these beverages can become your ultimate option for quenching thirst that too without going out from your home. 

14. Box8 – Surprisingly economical and offers salads, meals and combos from Rs.25 onwards. They also offer 8 layer meal box and meals for 2 at Rs 99 only. 

15. Drop Kaffe – They deliver coffee to your doorstep. Coffee comes in a hot flask with nice brownies. So if you are engrossed and tired from your hectic schedule, this café can deliver the coffee to your home or office for providing that extra kick and some renewed energy. 

16. Chai Point – they deliver tea, they adopted same kind of strategy of delivering tea in flasks 

17. Food Panda – Another Swiggy kind of company. Food Panda is Very famous, well known for offering deliveries and discount throughout cities. Big fish for online food order in Bangalore and other cities. Online food order in bangalore18. Entrée - This one also is like Swiggy and Foodpanda. Entrée is one of those services that get you food from more than just one restaurant, the only difference is that they charge a a small fee for their services. 

19. MasalaBox – MasalaBox offers home cooked food made by certified house wives. They offer hygienic and healthy food in both veg and non veg. 

They offer north and south Indian food too. It is a good option if you are living in Bangalore alone and does not get time to cook. 

After a day’s work it really gets hectic to cook and sometime one does not even get time. This online food option is open for lunch and dinner and can help you find food that is just like your home. 

Some other options for online food order in Bangalore are Zomato, UpSouth, Meal4U, Masalabox ,Chefkraft . 

For pizza, burgers and fast food option all international brand are also available in Bangalore. Bangalore is becoming a hub for online food delivery business and we are at the receiving edge. To know how to get fssai licence in India, click the link.

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