How to Pay Property Tax in Bangalore (BBMP)

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Property tax is a tax payable on the property you have like land or farm, it is on the annual basis to the state government or the municipal corporation. Taxes are an important resource of income of any government. 

Property tax is one of them and it plays a big role in the income of government. It is a duty of one to pay tax honestly. 

Tax evasion is a punishable act. In Bangalore, the state government of Karnataka collects the property tax.

Property Tax in Bangalore

1. Go to official link of tax collecting site.Property Tax in Bangalore2. Click on Property tax payment: At the site go to the right side of the homepage that is ‘property tax filing and payment’. Property Tax in Bangalore   3. Fill Application number: A complete new page will be opened where at the bottom some details will be asked to continue. Those details are given below- Property Tax in Bangalore

  • Enter the SASBASE application no. or
  • PID no. or
  • Renewal application no. or
  • New PID no.

4. Continue to next page: After entering any of the above detail one can see the property’s owner number. Click on continue to go to the next page. 

5. Fill your details: A complete form will be there. Fill the details asked which following are-

  • You don't need to fill the first column,
  • Name,
  • Occupation,
  • Age,
  • Working/retired/other,
  • Telephone number/mobile number,
  • Email id,
  • Name of the road/cross
  • Stage/phase/block no.
  • Locality village,
  • Ward no,
  • Bangalore city pin code,
  • Postal address,
  • Bescom RR no,
  • BWSSB RR no,
  • Aadhaar no,
  • Zonal classification residential-
  1. Zonal classification of the property as per SAS 2008,
  2. Zonal classification of the property under 2016-17,
  3. Cap on zone applied if any.
  • Zonal classification Non-residential-
  1. Zonal classification of the property as per SAS 2008,
  2. Zonal classification of the property under 2016-17,
  3. Cap on zone applied if any.
  • Details of property-
  1. Vacant site,
  2. Vacant storage site,
  3. RCC/ Madras Terrace Red oxide or cement flooring,
  4. RCC/Madras terrace another flooring,
  5. Tiled /sheet
  6. Apartment
  7. Hutments,
  • Site dimension,
  • Built up area,
  • Number of floors and plinth area in respect of single owner/ occupier
  • Excess vacant land (in sft) (if it is 3 times the plinth area of the building).
  • Use of property,

6. Save and go to step 2

  • Usage (category)
  • Subcategory
  • Subgroup,
  • Year of construction,
  • Extent of built-up area- tenanted/ self-occupied,
  • Car park area,
  • Telecommunication towers erected,
  • Hoarding erected,
  • Two wheelers,
  • Four wheelers,
  • Tenanted in sft,
  • Self-occupied in sq.ft,
  • Total built up area in sft,
  • Tenanted in sft,
  • Self-occupied in sq.ft,
  • Total build up area in sft,
  • Usage residential/ non-residential-
  1. Property tax paid for the previous year 2015-2016,
  2. Cess paid rs,
  3. Total tax payable,
  4. Receipt challan/cheque no.
  5. Dues if ant rs,
  • Property tax originally assessed in rupees-
  1. Property tax
  2. Cess
  3. Total tax
  4. Name of the authority with whom is pending
  5. Date of filling the appeal
  • Property tax revision in rupee-
  1. Property tax
  2. Cess,
  3. Total tax,
  • Date of revision,
  • Case no.

7. Save and go to step 38. Select payment type: A complete calculation will be shown on the page before you then at the bottom there will be options- half payment/ full payment. Choose as your convenience by accepting all the terms and conditions. 

9. Pay now: One can choose online/debit/credit card mode. If one is paying by cash or DD or cheque. Choose the option challan and then take the print out. The challan is valid for 10 days only.

Complete Guide - Pay Property Tax in Bangalore (Video)

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