How to Check and Pay Qatar Traffic Violation Fines

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Learn how to check and pay Qatar traffic violation fines with the steps mentioned here in this article. It is important to clear all the fines under your vehicle record in Qatar. Moreover, know more about the beautiful life in Qatar. Now let's quickly take a look at the steps to check and pay Qatar traffic fines below:

How to check traffic fine online

Check And Pay Qatar Traffic Violation Fines With 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Visit the website Any Andriod phone or laptop or PC is required here. Open the available device.

  • Next, make sure you have a Wifi or cellular data network on it.
  • Now directly go to Chrome or any other browser on your device.
  • Then search the website called
  • Lastly, open the website on the screen.
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Step-2 Click on the traffic icon present in the top left corner: On the homepage of the website you will view many multiple icons listed in the left corner. Now you need to locate the traffic signal icon. Then click on it.

Image titled check and pay Qatar traffic violation fines step 2

Step-3 Click on traffic violations: The traffic signal icon opens a set of options related to traffic on another page like the below image. Go to the traffic violations option. Next, click on it and open it.

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Step-4 Choose the method from below of how would you like to check the fine against your vehicle: Here you will find numerous methods to check the fines against your vehicle in violation of the traffic rules of Qatar. You can choose any preferred method. Then click on it.

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Step-5 Enter the details of your vehicle: Whatever method you choose to check the fines, you need to give details of the vehicle you own or drive. Now enter all the details listed there appropriately. (Refer to the below image for some reference)

Image titled check and pay Qatar traffic violation fines step 5

Step-6 Enter the captcha and hit submit: Lastly, after entering all the details. Enter the correct captcha. Then hit submit.

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Step-7 Click on settlement of violations displayed under your fine list and then click on the pay option: Now all the fines related to violation of traffic rules by your vehicle will be visible on the screen.

  • Here you need to tap on settlement of violation to pay the fine.
  • Lastly, tap on the payment option.
  • Next, make the payment of the fines.
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What Are The Methods To Check The Traffic Violation Fines Of Qatar?

You can check the traffic violation fines Of Qatar under your vehicle by the vehicle number, ID number, Company ID Number and Foreign vehicles. Choose any method to check the fine and pay accordingly.

Do You Have To Make Health Card In Qatar?

Yes, it is mandatory to make a health card in Qatar. Once you arrive in Qatar, the government hospital does help with the process. Also, you need to renew your health card in Qatar frequently.

Can You Know The Location And Time Of the Traffic Violation By Your Vehicle In Qatar?

Yes, once you tap on any method to check the fines of traffic rules. Then it displays all the detail regarding the fines whether it is location or time. Hence, you can confirm the location and time of fines violated by your vehicle in Qatar.






Another Method 

Traffic violation fines are charged to the vehicle owner if any of the traffic rules like, crossing the signal, parking you vehicle at wrong place etc, is broken. The traffic violations are charged electronically and you can check the status online. You can also pay off your Qatar traffic violation fines. Qatar Traffic Violation Ministry of interior (MOI) of Qatar handles traffic violations and has provided electronic means to check the status and pay your fines. This service portal is nothing but the “Hakoomi E-Services” portal where you can get a lot of information.

In this way, Qatar Government has modernized their systems to ensure hassle free payments through Hakoomi E-Service. Now just follow below step by step procedure to check your violation status online and pay the fines.

Qatar Traffic Violation

1. Visit “MOI Qatar Traffic Violation” website i.e. on your system. If it will be open in Arabic change the language by clicking on English button in the top header. moi qatar traffic violations   2. Click on Inquiries options in the menu: On the home page, find the link of “MOI Services” next to home page link. Click on this “MOI Services” and a drop down list will appear.

This drop down list option will consist of 3 options i.e. “Inquiries”, “E-services” and “Department Services”. Click on the “Inquiries” option to proceed further. moi qatar traffic violations   3. Now click on traffic violations options: After clicking on “Inquiries”, you will be redirected to MOI services page. On the left side, you will find a link as “traffic inquiries”.

Click on this link and you will be redirected to next page. On the next page, click on traffic violations and you will land on traffic violations Inquiry page. moi qatar traffic violations  

4. Enter your vehicle plate number: On this page, three options are there

  • Vehicle number
  • ID number
  • Company's ID number

You can enter any one of them in three options in the list. In first options enter your vehicle plate number. This number is unique for all vehicles.

Now select type of vehicle from the list below the plate number field. Also, you will see two additional options along with Vehicle Number. moi qatar traffic violations   5. Enter your ID number: Next two options are “ID Number” and “Company’s ID” number. So in this case, if you don’t have plate number then you can use any of theses two options to check Qatar traffic violation. moi qatar traffic violations   6. Enter your company ID number:  If you don't have vehicle number and ID number still you can check your Qatar traffic violation by using company ID number. moi qatar traffic violations   7. Get the final information: Once you enter your details like plate number then you will see the details about all your traffic violations. These details will have the date, time, spot, description etc of your traffic violation.

You can also print all the details of your violations using the “Print” button that is available on the violation list table. moi qatar traffic violations   8. Go for Settlement of Violations: n the same page, next to “Print” button, you will see a button “Settlement of Violations”. Click on that button and you will be redirected to another page.

On this page, please click on “traffic services” and then click on “traffic violation”. After clicking you need to log in through you smart card.

9. Pay your Qatar traffic violation:  After login, complete your payment process. If the payment is done successfully for any traffic violation then the same traffic violation will not appear in your traffic violation list.

10. All done: Although online payment is speedy and more convenient but if you face any problem in settling your traffic violation online then you can settle the same by visiting traffic department and handing over the fine amount.

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