How to Check Qatar Visa Status Online

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As we have previously discussed how to apply for family visa visit in Qatar. Now we are going to explain how to check Qatar visa status. Visa status means for how many more days it is valid. Visa status is very crucial because it remains for a limited time period.

In the Gulf countries, the laws and the rules are very strict. If your visa status states invalid and you get caught then you will be in trouble.

So, if your stay extends then you have to apply for an extension before the expiry date of the current visa. Now going to explain step by step process for Qatar visa checking.

Check Qatar Visa Status

The government of Qatar is providing online visa inquiry facility. where you have to enter visa number same as mention in your visa or if visa issue on your name then enters your passport number. Here step by step guide for Qatar visa checking.

1. Visit official website: Go to official website of Qatar state of Qatar ministry of interior.

qatar visa checking

2. Click on Inquiries: See MOI services in menu and click on Inquiries.

qatar visa status

3. Select visa Inquiry: You will see visa inquiry and printing section. Click on that.

qatar visa checking

4. Check Qatar visa status by visa number: If you have the visa then enter your visa number and nationality.

qatar visa checking

5. Qatar visa check by passport number: If visa is issued on your name and you don't have visa till now. then enter your passport number and nationality.

qatar visa checking

Step 6: Fill the captcha and click on submit button.

Step 7: Next page will open that contains all your visa details.

Step 8: Print this visa details or save it.

Note: If any error or alert are showing. or your visa details are not showing there. it means some issue is there. may be

  • You have duplicate visa means fake visa
  • Visa not yet issue
  • Your agent is telling lie.

One more thing you have to check there. See your visa profession. For example, If you are going for work purpose in Qatar as an Engineer. Your visa should be Engineer visa. Otherwise, in future, you can face difficulty. So make sure your profession should match with your visa. Tips:

  • Check your visa before your departure from your home country. Take
  • Take a print of your visa will better for you.
  • Check carefully your profession and visa type
  • Check the visa validity
  • If any type of issue is coming don't give money to your office and agent.
  • Don't be in trap of agents

Hope this information will help you in Qatar visa checking process.

Check Qatar Visa Status Online - Qatar visa checking Video

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