How to Renew Health Card in Qatar

Looking for a renewal of your health care in Qatar? Don't go anywhere, you will get all your queries solve here in this article. Also, get to know the beautiful life in Qatar. A Health card is an extremely important aspect whenever you travel outside your country. It makes your health check-up precisely done on time. Also, there are more such benefits attached to the card. Now let's take a look at the steps to renew the health card in Qatar.

How To Renew Your Hamad Health Card Online

Renew Health Card In Qatar With 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the website Open your Android phone or Laptop. Next go to the search engine browser whether google, chrome, etc.

  • Now search a website named
  • Then open the website on your screen.
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Step-2 Enter your QID number: On the homepage of the website. Find an option to enter your QID number. Next, enter your QID number appropriately.

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Step-3 Click next: Once you are done with entering your QID. Then click on next.

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Step-4 Enter your information: Now on this page, you have to enter all your detailed information. Make sure you fill in all details correctly.

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Step-5 Hit next: After filling in the details, you need to tap on Next.

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Step-6 Click on pay, once your details are visible on the page: Now you need to tap on pay. Do not click on pay until all your details appear on the page.

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Step-7 Enter your card details: The next step is to enter all the card details asked on the page. Make sure to check the balance in the bank of the card details you entered here.

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Step-8 Click on pay now: Lastly, to make the payment tap on Pay now. You can view the payment amount written in riyal ( currency of Qatar). Hence, this is how you can renew your health card in Qatar.

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The Health Card Of Qatar Lasts For Many Months?

The Health card validity of Qatar is checked on the website called Moreover, the health care of Qatar does not contain an expiry written in it. To know the validity period of a health card in Qatar goes through the website mentioned here. Then get your health card of Qatar renewed accordingly.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Renewed Health Card In Qatar?

Once you have done all the formalities online on the website for the renewal of your health card. In addition, paid the fee amount of the health card too. Then the renewed health card comes in two to three weeks of waiting periods in Qatar.

Can You Get the Visa Status Of Qatar Online?

Yes, you can check your Qatar visa status online. One can get all the information and validity details regarding their visa online. Furthermore, you can apply for a family visit visa, residence visa, or business visa for Qatar online. They can submit their visa applications online and know the response within the set days of the response of the portal.





Another Method 

In Qatar, hospitals run by the government provide a full range of services. For the benefit of the people in Qatar, a Health card is issued by the government-aided hospitals of Hamad Medical Corporation(HMC). It has an expiry date of a year by default. But while renewing you can get the card renewed for multiple years. health card renewal qatar A Health card enables you to have subsidized treatment in the HMC-run hospitals and primary healthcare centers. You can also get a subsidy for medicines you buy at government-approved pharmacies. From this, we can predict that HMC is a non-profitable organization in Qatar.

Health Card Renewal Qatar

There are five hospitals and 24 primary care centers are run by the HMC in Qatar. You can get your health card renewal in Qatar, in the nearest primary care center, by submitting the necessary documents and a fee. 

Documents needed for offline application

  • Passport size photograph
  • Expired health card
  • A fee of QR 50 for Qatari nationals and QR 100 for non-Qataris. 

Renew offline:

            You have to visit your nearest primary health center and submit the above-mentioned document with the fee to get your health card renewed. You will be given a new health card. You can get the new card for free by directly visiting the primary health center.

Renew online:

            To renew your health card you have to follow the below-given procedure. You will be asked to enter the health card number and you will be shown three options. They are

  • Renew
  • Reprint the lost card and
  • Check expiry date

Steps to Health Card Renewal Qatar:

  1. Go to the site using this linkhealth card renewal qatar
  2. Enter the health card number: you have to enter the expired health card number.
  3. Select the option: Select whether you are going to renew, reprint.
  4. How many numbers of years? Enter the renew period whether as a single year or multiple years.
  5. Select the mode of delivery: whether to collect it from the health care center or by post.
  6. Enable the SMS alerts: to get notified on your mobile, on completion of the procedures.
  7. Verify the details you have entered.
  8. Proceed to payment.

To get the renewed health card through post offices you have to pay extra QR 10. If you need personal delivery you can get the personalized delivery for QR 20. The time for renewal is about two to three weeks

Reissue your Qatar Health Card

If you have lost your health card, it is still valid until the expiry date. You need to pay QR 50 to reprint the health card whether in offline or online mode In conclusion, you need the health card renew in Qatar, to get the subsidized services at the hospitals run by HMC.

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