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Here we are again with some knowledge which will help you in to understand about life in Doha Qatar. First of all you should know where the Doha is. Doha is capital of Qatar. As you know gulf countries are famous for oil and most of the time for shopping destinations.

On the other hand these countries offer expatriates job and a large part of gulf countries’ population is made of expatriates. The life in Doha is quiet good that is why it has become one the favourite choices of expatriates. For helping you more about life in Doha here are some information. life-in-Doha

Life in Doha

  1. Laws- Here is one important thing is that gulf countries are very strict to their laws. The crime rate is very low here.
    And if you want to enjoy life in Doha you should keep in mind laws there. Either it is related to your passport, visa or something else.
  2. Accommodation- Well to a home in any new place is quite difficult. The same thing happens in Doha. Because Doha is the capital of Qatar so it is kind of hub of everything.
    It will take time for getting your sweet home. However the government is planning the new townships and making more skyscrapers just to provide home to the day to day increasing number of the expatriates. You will get home but I’ll suggest you to keep patience.
  3. Lifestyle- You go through a sponsor there so you will make the new friends easily and soon you will join your own society. This will make your friend circle large.
    The place have many places to visit like-museums, parks etc. in free times so you can spend a quality time with your friends. This will help you to fit in the lifestyle of Doha.
  4. Weather- The weather plays a crucial role for making a place to live in. The weather has contrast here as it is dessert area so it has extreme heat and mild winters.
    Summers last from June to August. Winters lasts November to April. Summers are unbearable to stay there but winters are quite good here.
  5. Education- If you are planning to move in with your family so this point is very important for you. Daily many new expatriates add in the city’s population so I’ll suggest u to book the seat for your children before moving there.
    The schools in Doha are not in adequate number for the increasing demand. For this many international schools have opened their branches in Doha.
    Not enough Doha is known as education hub of Qatar because of Doha University and Education city institution. So, for education Doha is quite good.
  6. Healthcare- In Qatar anyone can apply for health insurance by Hamid Healthcare Corporation. As we talk about healthcare in Doha. You needn’t to worry as it has many international hospitals’ branches there.
  7. Culture- As Doha is a Muslim majority place so you will take a little time to adjust in there. The job timings, holidays, dressing sense, social behaviour etc all will take time to adapt that culture.
    But you will adjust soon because you can make friends very easily and your sponsor will be helpful in that.
  8. Safety- Safety should be your concern because you are going to live there. So on the safety parameters Doha is quite safe. The laws are strict so the crime rates also very low.
  9. Cost of Living- So what will be the cost of living to live in Doha. There are both things the cheap and the expensive.
  • At cheap price- Fuel, Entertainment, Travelling cost, food and clothing of local brands.
  • At high price- Food and clothing of international brands, electronics stuff, education and accommodation.

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