How does the government run? It is run by the tax we pay for the government. The tax takes many forms such as service tax, income tax, property tax and entertainment tax, etc. and the list goes on. Among them, property tax is the one which is levied on one of the basic need of house(Shelter) and land. 

It is charged from the people annually. It will be considered an achievement in the society if you have house or land on your own when you pay the tax regularly. Tax amount can vary from place to place. It is calculated on the basis of the net value of the property.

Pay Property Tax Mumbai

In this context, property means any tangible asset one person has. You have to pay property tax to either the local state government or the municipal corporations. 

As you know that Mumbai city is coming under Mumbai municipal corporation, you have to pay tax to the Brihanmumbai municipal corporation (BMC) itself. 

You will be exempted from the tax if your property is less than 500 square feet. Also, there is 60% concession if your property is between 500 to 700 square feet. 

No need to take a walk to the corporate office to pay the tax, as you can pay your tax in online itself. Follow the simple steps below to pay it online. 

1. Go to the official website: property tax mumbai

2. Search option: Enter property account no. Click on the search option. property tax mumbai

3. Enter Ward Name and Address: Select the ward that you have the property, and you can type the address as Mumbai. property tax mumbai

4. Enter Captcha and Search: Now enter the captcha code and click on search. property tax mumbai

5. Wait: You have to wait for a few seconds as the search loads. property tax mumbai

6. Select the Property Account Number: Check the box against the correct property account number. property tax mumbai

7. Login: Using the property account number login to the payment page. property tax mumbai

8. Cancel: You can cancel the KYC options if it is shown up to you. property tax mumbai

9. Options: Now you can view your tax history using the view option below. You can also view Annexures and property ledger. property tax mumbai

10. Payment: Enter the amount you want to pay and then select the proper gateway to pay the tax. property tax mumbai 

In conclusion, We have learned about paying property tax online in Mumbai. Latest technology adopted by the government is making every government oriented process easy and at your doorstep.