How to Obtain Marriage Certificate in Mumbai

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Looking to obtain a marriage certificate in Mumbai? Stop right here! Below is a detailed explanation of the steps to do so. A marriage certificate is an important document for every purpose specially in Mumbai. Moreover, one can get a domicile certificate in Mumbai online. Let's quickly dive into the steps to submit the application form for a marriage certificate.

Obtain a Marriage Certificate In Mumbai With 12 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the website Open your Andriod phone or laptop or any other device.

  • Then go straight to the browser.
  • Next, search the website
  • Lastly, open the website on the screen.
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Step-2 Click on the three lines present in the top left corner: From the homepage of the website, you need to go to the three lines icon located at the time corner of the page. Then click on it.

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Step-3 Click on for citizens: Here, a list of different will options appears on the screen. Now you need to click on the option For Citizens.

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Step-4 Click on apply: Once you have opened the For Citizens option. Another set of options will appear. Now here click on apply.

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Step-5 Click on marriage registration: Many certificate options to apply will be available there. You are here for a marriage certificate. So click on Registration- marriage.

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Step-6 Scroll to the left and click on apply here: Registration- Marriage will direct you to another page. Here you need to scroll left and locate the option 'Apply here'. Then click on it.

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Step-7 Fill in your marriage details: Now an application form appears, here you have to provide your marriage details. Enter all the details mentioned there.

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Step-8 Click on continue: After you finish filling in the information, then click on continue.

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Step-9 Click on documents upload: Now tap on the option Documents Upload. Next, upload all the required documents asked there.

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Step-10 Click on pay: The next step is to make the payment. So click on pay.

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Step-11 Enter your application number: Now enter the application number, you can find it in the form you filled out.

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Step-12 Click on payment: Lastly, tap on payment. Next, choose the preferred payment method.

  • Hence pay the amount of the application form.
  • You have successfully submitted an application form for your marriage certificate.
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How Many Days Does It Take For Your Marriage Certificate In Mumbai To Come?

Once you have submitted the application form use the above steps to obtain a marriage certificate in Mumbai. You can get the certificate within a week. However, due to delays or errors, it takes approximately 15 days to 60 days to process the certificate.

Can You Get A College Admission In Mumbai Online?

Yes, you can get a college admission in Mumbai by online process. Most college prefers admission through the online process. Furthermore, one can get online admission to Mumbai university too.

Do You Have To Pay For the Application Form For the Marriage Certificate Online?

Yes, you have to make the payment of the application form marriage certificate online. There is no offline payment system for the form of marriage certificates in Mumbai.






Another Method

Mandatorily you have to register your marriage. Even after a grand ceremony, without a marriage certificate, you will not get recognition from the government as husband and wife. As it will be useful for the government’s new schemes and also in any bad condition like applying for a divorce. 

The certificate is issued by the municipal corporation of great Mumbai(MCGA). just fill out and submit the form online. Follow the steps below to apply for the certificate online. If you have already registered on the site below, you can directly skip to the 8th step.

How to Apply Marriage Certificate Online in Mumbai

Marriage Certificate Mumbai

1. Go to the site: Go to this website and click on the signup option. This site can also be used for more options like

  • Registering Birth
  • Registering Death

2. Select Option: There are two options there, one is to enter details through Aadhaar online another one is by entering the data manually. You select the second option for convenience. marriage certificate mumbai

3. Fill in the Applicant details: Name, DOB with other details, etc. marriage certificate mumbai

4. Next fill in the Address: Street name, LandmarkDistrict, and village. marriage certificate mumbai

5. Mobile verification & User Password: Enter the number in the field and click send OTP option. After receiving the OTP on your mobile, enter the site to complete registration. 

Then select a unique username with a password. Password must contain an uppercase letter, a special character, and a numeric. At least seven and a maximum of 20 characters. marriage certificate mumbai

6. Attach Document: For ID proof and address proof, select one from the list and upload the soft copy of the certificates. marriage certificate mumbai

7. Submit to signup: Now check the box for agreements and then click on submit. After submitting the details, you will be shown a confirmation of the registration marriage certificate online registration mumbai

8. Login: Go to the homepage and log in with credentials. marriage certificate mumbai

9. Enter the facility: Now in the search type the service you want to register for. In this context, you will have to type marriage registration. marriage certificate mumbai

10. Apply for the certificate: Click Apply and pay the corresponding fee you have to pay for the online marriage certificate. marriage certificate mumbai

11. Get the Certificate: Go to the registered office after applying online, to collect the certificate

What if I lost my marriage certificate?

You can go to the registrar's office and get a duplicate copy by submitting an application and the corresponding fee. In this article, we learn the way of online applications to get a marriage certificate. 

It is better to register your marriage, immediately after the marriage ceremony, to avoid unnecessary delay in the certifying process.

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