How to Check JioFi Features (Speed, Battery Backup, Wi-Fi Range)

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If you are using a JioFi device you must be looking for the information regarding its speed and battery backup. There are numerous routers are available in the market which allows users to access the internet. But their market demand depends on their speed, range, and backup. 

So it is vital to know about speed and other information as this can really helpful while using the router for your home network. The following writing will provide you important information on the subject of JioFi device. JioFi

How to Check JioFi speed

This can be significant as you always purchase a product to keep the perspective of high speed in your mind. So this could be the question that comes in front of you while using the JioFi device. 

So here is the solution of this question which can give you information how to check the speed of your JioFi device. To find the usage and speed of the device you need to go through simple steps: 

1. After login into the Jio- Fi device setting, an open setting page from the home screen. 

2. Click on Status on system performance tab (Status>performance) to check the usage and upload and download data speed. 

3. To get the complete information you can also check for Status>WAN. By doing this process you can able to see the information regarding usage, minimum and maximum download speed of the device. 

Find Battery Backup Level

Though there is no detail format about the battery of the device. To locate the level of the battery you can check the bar level which defines the status of device battery. To get more information you can click on the tab “DEVICE DETAILS”. 

Here you can find the manufacturer name along with the battery level. As it’s an internal process and running on the system it can show the discharge or charge in case of if charging required. 

Here you can also get the IMEI number of the device if you might need service support. 

How much maximum Wi-Fi range of JioFi

The speed of the Jio- Fi can vary as per the connected device; on the other hand, JioFi can cover the area of 2 rooms. Currently, JioFi is supporting high range but they are working in respect of increasing the range of JioFi device. 

I am talking about the JioFi 3 device its range is defined as up to 10 meter, which is good enough to enjoy the 4G high-speed data anywhere in the house. You can get the more information about the range of the device in the manual given with the router. 

JioFi features

JioFi is a very light device just having 204 grams weight. Here are some attractive features of the JioFi device which you should know while using the device.

  • JioFi 4G
  • Device support band 3.5.40
  • 35 Wi-Fi enabled device
  • SD card support- 32 GB with wireless sharing
  • 2300 mAh Battery backup (up to 8 hours battery life)
  • HD Voice/ Video call and SMS support

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