How to Hard Reset JioFi

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Biggest horror for any Jio- Fi device user is to forget the login password details of the device. If you are using Jio-Fi device and unfortunately you forget the password details than to rectify the problem you might need to hard reset the Jio- Fi device. 

This process will set the Jio- Fi device to the factory setting and then the user can update the password details to continue use of the device. jioFi-password-change 

To set the device at factory setting could be easy as well as tedious task. Each and every Wi-Fi router comes with the reset button option. The purpose of the button is to reset the hardware and set the device to the default setting. 

LYF brand which manufacturing Jio- Fi has also provided the same button in the routers to reset the device. You can use this magic button if you forget your login details. It can be operative if your system encounters any other issue while login such as system failure. 

In Jio-Fi router the reset button is inside the device. So the user can not directly locate the button you need to look inside the device to see the hidden reset button. Find below instruction to locate the reset button:

 Hard Reset JioFi

How to find out the reset button in Jio- Fi router

1. In order to locate the reset button firstly remove back cover of the Jio- Fi router. 

2. You can see the RESET text near the WPS button 

3. Check for the small tunnel which is near to the RESET text. 

4. At the end of the tunnel, you can see a small button. jiofi hard reset

5. This small button is the RESET button which can enable your Jio-Fi device into factory setting.

How to set JioFi device at the factory settings

After locating the RESET button next step could be how to hard set the device at the default setting. Find below instructions for the same: 

1. Before performing reset task keep your device on and remove the back cover of Jio- Fi device. 

2. Take sim Ejector Pin and press the reset button located in the tunnel carefully. jiofi hard reset3. You need to press the button for 60 seconds, and then release it. 

4. After doing this Jio- Fi device will start blinking and restart the device. It will set the Jio- Fi device at the default setting. 

5. Now connect your system or mobile network to the Jio- Fi network. 

6. Open internet browser and type jiofi.local.html/index.html and press enter. 

7. After doing this one screen with pop up for the username and password details. By default username and password of the device is set to the "administrator". 

8. Just enter the details and you will get the home screen of the device. 

9. In the account and profile setting, you can update the username and password for further device login. These simple steps can make your device reset and ready to use again. 

Make sure you change your jiofi password frequently to secure the device login to prevent the network from the unauthorized access.

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