How to Change JioFi 3 Password

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Simple steps for changing the password of your JioFi 3 device- The users of JioFi 3, are no doubt, well aware with the JioFi 3 4G Hotspot uses, which allows them to connect with the 4G speed of the internet on any of the devices like mobile phone, laptop, computer, tablet or any of the smart TV, etc. 

However, if you are using JioFi 3 already, there are some security precautions which are necessary to be followed on regular basis for an uninterrupted service. For this, the JioFi 3 password change process needs to be carried out. 

This would provide you with a secure sharing option while you share your internet connection with other devices.

Steps to change the password of your JioFi 3 device 

1. Start your JioFi 3 device  The first step towards this process is to switch on the JioFi 3 device. This is done by holding the power button down. Also,
if you are not aware of the name of the JioFi 3 network and its password, it is mentioned on the back of the packed box and also under the battery behind the device. 

2. Connect the JioFi 3 device to your laptop or phone  Yes, for JioFi 3 password change process, connect the device to either your mobile phone or with your laptop through the wireless settings. 

3. Access to the web browser through configuration interface  The next step is to open the browser and with URL http://JioFi.local.html/. You can also use the URL for connecting to the browser. 

4. Login to interface  As soon as you are done with connecting to the browser, next is to login with your credentials, username, and your password. Click on the login button after entering it.
This might prompt you for changing the default administrator username and the password. Click on the OK button for continuing the JioFi 3 password change process. 

5. Changing Wi-Fi password  For changing the password of the Wi-Fi, simply go to the Network section and click on the Wi-Fi Configuration section. 

6. Create your password and save the changes  When you are on the Wi-Fi configuration page, change the password with a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters, of your choice and click on the button APPLY.
This would help you in securing the device and the network. However, for making the security stronger, you can further customize the name of the network.
The default name is typically a jumble of model numbers, which can be customized with any name or something fancy. 

7. Changing the name of the JioFi 3 network (SSID)  For changing the name of the JioFi 3 network, click on the Network block and then on the Wi-Fi Configuration. Customize the Network name field (SSID). Change the name and click on the Save button. 

8. Changing the ID and password for JioFi 3 login  To make your network more secure, you can further change the ID of the JioFi 3 login. Also, the JioFi 3 password change process for the login would help you.
For doing so, click on the User Management section, and then the Account Management section.
Enter your desired user ID and password and save the changes. Hence, with such simple steps, you can make secure changes in your network.

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