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We all know about the use of the passport in our life i.e. to travel to other countries. It is also the best identity of one individual. Its pages will be stamped every time you make travel abroad. First blue passports of British were printed in 1920. Then it was changed to burgundy in 1981, after 60 years during UK’s joining with EU.

The name blue passport comes from the blue color cover of the passport. Now, burgundy color for the passport is used for UK passports.

Five years once the contract for the design of the passport is renewed in the UK. Now, the government has given contract for 490 million Euros to print blue passports.

This change is set to happen after Brexit in 2019. While many countries tempting to join EU, they have changed their passport color to burgundy, UK goes other was to get navy blue passports. Andrew Rosindell, the member of Parliament of UK, said after the Theresa May’s decision to Brexit, the burgundy is a humiliation to the Britain’s culture.

Restoration of blue passport is the way to say the world Britain is back. It is advised to keep the pink passport until Brexit and then to renew it to get the blue passport.

Blue Passport

Passport index is a popular online tool for ranking the passports of different countries. According to these people, blue color symbolizes a new world.

There are four different colors of passport is issued around world according to the post of Business Insider site. They come in red, green, blue and black colors.

Further, there will be variety of colors within this four colors, with difference in hue. Travel Leisure says there are no reasons behind the color selection of passport.

They say that the color is not random either. You can't choose the color of the passport. Various factors take part in the selection of the passport color, like Geography, politics, etc.

Religion also a factor, as the Islamic countries have green passport because the green color means the holiness for Islamic people.

As of now, blue passport is issued by US government to its citizens, and also by the Indian government to its citizens. 

Now, it has become colloquial to call it Blue Passport. the selection of the color of American passport changed over the years.

It became navy blue in 1976. India gives three types of passports. It depends on the holder’s position, cause of taking passport. They are

  • Regular passport – Blue colors for normal citizen
  • Official Passport – White for Government Employees
  • Diplomatic Passport – Pink for higher Govt. Officials. It is given for the officers set by the Indian government to live in abroad.

India can give Indo- Sri Lankan passport and Indo-Bangladesh passports for the individuals residing in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh respectively. Blue passport is given to common people who is planning to travel abroad.

How to get Blue passport?

In U.S.: you can get blue passport by filling an application form DS-11 and submitting certain documents such as proof of US citizenship (A birth certificate).

For more   details go to this site

India: If you need blue passport in India, you can apply online at the site passport seva. To view the required documents in the link Documents Required

UK: you have to wait until the Brexit in 2019, then you can renew your passport to blue, if you already have one pink passport, or you can apply for a fresh blue passport.

In conclusion, navy blue color is like a pride to the United Kingdom’s people, as it will be available after Brexit. U.S. and Indian national have the navy-blue passports as of now.

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