How to Remove ECR Stamp in Saudi Arabia

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In India ECR(emigration check required) stamp is creating too much problem for foreign workers.  I talk to one of my friend in Mumbai. He said a lot of people are suffering due to ECR(emigration check required) stamp in the passport.

Requirement agency is not allowing them to attend interview because of ECR(emigration check required) stamp. they need ECNR passport. If you don't know see here what is ecnr in passport  or what is ecr in passport. emigration check required 

You already know that as per new law of Indian government. They allow only ECNR passport  for  gulf country. If you have ECR(emigration check required) stamp in your passport they will not allow you to go GCC country. Except some exceptional case.

Procedure to change emigration check required (ECR) into emigration check not required (ECNR)

Before going for ECNR stamp check your Iqama Status it should have validity. Make sure your Iqama should not expire.

List of Countries for which Emigration Clearance is Required (ECR)

1. Afghanistan 2. Bahrain 3. Indonesia 4. Iraq 5. Jordan 6. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 7. Kuwait 8. Lebanon 9. Libya 10. Malaysia 11. Oman 12. Qatar 13. Sudan 14. Syria 15. Thailand 16. United Arab Emirates 17. Yemen

Currently, around 2 million Indian people are working in Saudi Arabia. Check your passport is ECR or ECNR if you have ECR in passport.

So you need to be careful. You can easily convert your emigration check required(ECR) passport into ECNR in Saudi Arabia. In India, it will be difficult for you to convert. If you are in India then you have to know how to remove ECR stamp from Indian passport.

Here I am going to explain step by step guide How to remove emigration check required(ECR) stamp in Saudi Arabia. Same procedure you have to follow for another GCC country.  

First of all, make sure you are working in Saudi Arabia at least from three years.

Eligibility for ECNR status (any one of the following)

  • Staying abroad for more than 3 years (either at a stretch or otherwise).
  • Persons with 10+2 qualifications from a recognized Central/State Boarder possessing higher degrees from recognized Central/State Universities.
  • Persons possessing two years' diploma from any institute recognized by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT).
  • Professional Degree holders.
  • Income-tax payers.
  • Seamen in possession of CDC and sea cadets.
  • Qualified nurses under the Indian Nursing Council Act 1947.
  • Gazetted government servants
  • Managerial level employees in hotels, restaurants, public resorts, etc. holding the specialized degree in these fields.
  • Spouses and dependent children (up to the age of 24 years) of the above category of persons.
  • Persons over 50 years of age.
  • Children below 18 years of age provided they are accompanied by any or both parents.

Process to apply for ECNR Stamp

Step 1: Download Form and Fill all information as per requirement.

Step 2: Bring your original passport (including subsequent additional booklets if any)

Step 3 : make sure you should have Photocopy of inside cover pages and other relevant pages of the passport.

Step 4: ECNR Affidavit (AFF8.pdf) along with a copy of the relevant documentary proof of eligibility for ECNR Stamp.

Step 5: Go to your nearest Indian Embassy (ex- Riyadh, Jeddah).

Step 6: Submit your passport there.

Step 7:  Pay 94 Riyal for ECNR stamp.

Step 8: Wait (Time Required: One Working Day) and collect your passport with ECNR stamp.

NOTE: KINDLY NOTE THAT emigration check not required(ECNR) IS NO LONGER REQUIRED FOR PURPOSES OTHER THAN EMPLOYMENT. and Now all new passport will not contain any emigration check required(ECR) stamp. all new passport by default coming in emigration check not required(ECNR) category.


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