As you know if you are going to apply for driving licence first you have to apply for the learning licence and after that for a permanent licence. Today we are going to explain you step by step procedure how to apply for learning licence Mumbai and permanent licence via online.  

There will be two sections in first we will tell you about the learning driving licence process and in the second section, we will tell you about the permanent driving licence. Have a look-

Process to get learning  licence Mumbai-

1. Visit the website: First of all, go to the official site of Mumbai RTO which is

mumbai rto online test

2. Click on license in menu: At the homepage, you will see many options. Look at the top of the homepage. There will be an option ‘Licence’. Click on that option.

learners license mumbai online

3. Select learning license: A page will be opened where many options will be given like the following-

  • Learning Licence
  • Driving Licence
  • Renewal of driving licence
  • Validity of motor driving licence
  • International driving permit
  • Disqualification and revocation
  • Departmental action on driving licence
  • Unfitness on driving a vehicle
  • Miscellaneous

Select the options learning licence. A page will be opened. learning licence mumbai

4. Click on given link: At that page, there will be given several links for applying online. You can click on the first link.

learner license online application

5. Select new lerner licnese: A new portal will be opened named ‘Sarthi’ which is the official site of Ministry Road Transport and Highway. Select the option given at the right side of page ‘Apply for New Learner Licence’.

track driving license status mumbai

6. Agree with terms and conditions: A page will be opened with instructions and at the bottom of the page, you have to check in the instruction and select the proceed option.

learning licence online mumbai

7. Fill the form: The learning driving licence form will be opened in PDF, where you have to fill it in 5 sections. Section 6 is for office use only.

online rto test mumbai

8. Give DL details- You have to fill the following details which are required-

  • Applying for LL/DL-select LL.
  • Aadhar no.
  • State- from which you are applying.
  • Name of the RTO/DTO.

9. Fill your personal details: Part A- in the part A you have to fill the following details-

  1. Name- first, middle, last and Gender,
  2. Date of birth,
  3. Place of birth,
  4. If place of birth is outside of India then year and month of migration,
  5. Country of birth,
  6. Email address,
  7. Name of- Father/Husband/Guardian-First, middle and last name,
  8. For Permanent address and Present address the following are required-
  • Flat no.
  • Flat/house no.
  • House no./flat no.
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Village/town/city
  • Taluka/mandal
  • District
  • State
  • Pin code
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Duration of stay at these addresses.
  1. Citizenship status by- birth/registration/descent/naturalisation/non-Indian,
  2. Education qualification,
  3. Identification marks,
  4. Blood group.

online learning driving licence mumbai

10. Fill the From Part-B: Part B- you have to fill the description of vehicles and if you are applying for LL or DL and you have to fill the registration certificate number also.

duplicate driving license mumbai

11.Fill the From Part-C: In this part you have to mention the documents you are submitting with the form. Fill the following details of each document-

  • Document type
  • Certificate no.
  • Issuing authority/RTO
  • Date of issue

rto mumbai driving license test

12. Fill the From Part-D: Part D- in this part you have o agree and disagree with some formalities and after that put the date and the signature on in it.

13. Fill the From Part-E: Part E- this section is applicable only then when the applicant is 16 or below 18. In this part, the parent and the guardian give the consent for giving the minor learning licence. The following details will be required for guardian-

  • Name of guardian,
  • Address,
  • City,
  • District,
  • Pincode,
  • Relationship with the minor.

14. Submit the form: After filling all the details click on the ‘submit’ option.

15. Collect application number: After submitting the form save the generated web application number. Then there will be an option for e-payment. Select it.

16. Go for payment: Then you will lead to making e-payment option. Click on that.

17. Calculate your Fee: Then fill the application no. and date of birth and then click on ‘calculate the fee.

18. Choose payment option: After that choose payment option- Debit/credit/net banking.

19: Pay now: At the page of gateway fills the details and OTP and then click on the option-Pay now. Your fees will be submitted.

20. Go for appointment: Then go to the sarthi portal page where you will find the option- appointment for slot booking. After clicking on that click on the top left side on the option LL test for the online application.

21. Fill the details:  At the next page you will be asked to fill the following details-

  • Web application number,
  • Applicant number,
  • Enter the verification code given there. Hit ‘ok’. Then your test date and time will be sent you via email by the authority.

22. Reach RTO office on time: Reach on the date and before half an hour before the given time at RTO office. Take your original documents with you.

23. Get the token: At the RTO office, you will get a token. Wait for your turn for documents verification and all the biometric formalities.

24. Go for driving test: Then you will lead to a test of traffic and driving in which you have to pass. If you pass it you will get the learning licence on the spot, which will be valid for 6 months. You can apply for a Permanent driving licence after 30 days of learning licence.

Required documents for learning licence Mumbai-

  • Application forms with original documents’ copies attached.
  • Application receipt.
  • Passport size photos-2
  • Address proof,
  • Age proof,
  • Nationality proof.

After following above process you can get learning licence Mumbai and then in the second phase apply for the permanent licence. descriptions are given below.

Video-How to apply learning licence Mumbai

Permanent Driving Licence Mumbai-

Documents required- for the permanent driving licence-

  • Form 4- which you can see on this link.
  • Valid learner licence.
  • 3 recent passport size photos.
  • Address proof.
  • Age proof.
  • Driving school’s certificate in form 5 for all transport vehicles.
  • All valid documents of the vehicle on which driving test are going to conduct.
  • Fee if required.

Go with your vehicle at the RTO office for driving test. If you get pass you will get your permanent driving licence within a week. If you get fail you can take the test again after seven days but within the valid period.